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New cadets report to the cadet in the red sash during USMA Class of 2021 R-Day on July 3, 2017. (U.S. Army Photo by Michelle Eberhart)

A member of the cadet cadre watches over the USMA Class of 2021 new cadets as they attempt to qualify on their M4s at the range. (U.S. Army photo by Cadet Ryan ODeens)

A U.S. Military Academy Class of 2021 new cadet performs pushups in cadence for cadet cadre during Cadet Basic Training I on July 18. On July 30, all of the new cadets will participate in the CBT march out to Camp Buckner Military Reservation. (U.S. Army photo by Michelle Eberhart) U.S. Military Academy Class of 2020 cadets and ROTC cadets participate in Field Artillery Day during Cadet Field Training.  During FA day, cadets learned from 10th Mountain Division Task Force Soldiers who taught them how to plan, call for and execute indirect fires while using artillery and mortar fire with live rounds. (U.S. Army photo by 2nd Lt. Austin Lachance) Rising yearlings in Task Force Byers run with their squad mentors from 2-22IN towards a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter from the Combat Aviation Brigade, 101st Airborne Division for a familiarization flight during Cadet Field Training. (U.S. Army Photo by Cadet Alex Werden)
Welcome to the United States Military Academy
The United States Military Academy's mission is to educate, train and inspire the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country and prepared for a career of professional excellence and service to the nation as an officer in the United States Army.

The Academy provides a superb four-year education, which focuses on the leader development of cadets in the academic, military, and physical domains, all underwritten by adherence to a code of honor.
This Week's Pointer View (PDF)
July 27 Pointer View
Cadets learn 'impact' of FACFT Cadets Field Artillery
Class of 2020 Cadet Kyle Herschberger drops a mortar round into a M252 mortar at Field Artillery Day during Cadet Field Training July 6 in the training areas at West Point.
See Pages 1 and 3 in the July 13 PV issue...

Bucha speaks to new cadets
Bucha speaks to new cadets
Class of 1965 retired captain, Vietnam veteran and Medal of Honor recipient Paul 'Buddy' Bucha spoke to roughly 1,200 new cadets on leadership at Robinson Auditorium, July 7. See Page 4 in the July 13 PV issue...
 2014-10-30 14 47 40 (2).jpg
West Point is a tremendous place to live and serve. Find out more about available assignment opportunities within the USMA staff and faculty here...