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Leader Development Science 

Why Major in Leader Development Science?
Nothing could be more relevant to your future than studying leadership and organizational psychology. Leaders in every field need a working knowledge of human behavior in groups, teams and organizations. You can also benefit from a deeper understanding of the art and science of leadership and leader development. For these reasons, Leader Development Science (LDS) is among the academy’s most important majors.
LDS graduates gain specialized skills and knowledge making them uniquely prepared to lead people and build effective organizations. The major is firmly rooted in the Organizational Sciences, drawing on scientific theories and principles from multiple academic disciplines: Organizational Behavior (OB), Organizational Development (OD), Industrial and Organizational Psychology (IO), and Management. Professionals in this field are found in military, industrial, retail, non-profit, research & development, consulting, and academic settings.
While there are many paths through West Point leading to graduation, Leader Development Science is the only major combining the science of leadership, leader development and organizational effectiveness with a deep appreciation of the challenges faced by modern organizations to determine the strategies needed to overcome those challenges. If you desire a better understanding of the art and science behind leading others and building high-performing organizations, the Leader Development Science major may be right for you.
Would you like someone from the Leadership Major Contact you?
LTC Daniel Smith  (845) 938-5024
Leader Development Science Coursework  
Cadets can find specific course information on this and all our majors in the Dean's Red Book. 

Complete two of the following electives:
PL361 - Research Methods MG472 - International Management
PL383 - Experimental Social Psychology HI387 - Generalship: Art of Command
Leader Development Science with Honors
Cadets who enroll in the optional honors program take PL361 (Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences) as one of their two electives and conduct a two-semester research project during their first class year.
Exciting AIADs, Clubs, Trips, and Professional Development Opportunities
Cadets majoring in Leader Development Science are eligible for more than forty AIADs a year, including opportunities in nineteen states and ten foreign countries. In addition, LDS cadets have top priority for participation in the Black and Gold Leadership Forum, the Class of '83 Distinguished Leaders Series and the McDonald Cadet Leadership Conference. Finally, graduates of the Leader Development Science Major are competitive for the Jeffrey A. McNally Award for Excellence in Leadership, Management and Sociology; and the Brigadier General Howard T. Prince, II Award for Excellence in Behavioral Science and Leadership.