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Center for the Advancement of Leader Development and Organizational Learning

Our mission is to empower the processes by which Army professionals learn—both individually and collectively—in order to improve the effectiveness of company-level officers and thus to advance the Army profession. We accomplish this mission by enabling experiences of professional conversation and by developing technologies to support these experiences.
We support the professional development of cadets and Army officers via several ongoing initiatives, including:
  • The Leader Challenge component of the Cadet Character Development Program. Developed at West Point by CALDOL, the Leader Challenge (LC) method for developing leaders is part of a profession-wide effort to improve learning and leader development—to make them more context-based, collaborative, and problem-centered. Each Leader Challenge session engages the upper-class cadets in all 144 USCC platoons in a difficult leadership decision as described by the junior officer or cadet who actually experienced it. In the CCDP LC sessions, Army professionals with varying levels of experience (cadets, staff/faculty volunteers, TACs, 50-Year Grads) engage with each other in small-group conversations about the situation to enhance their understanding of ethical leadership. Participants in Leader Challenge sessions learn not only from the true scenario and their conversations about it, but also from the LC process itself, which highlights the learning value of engaging in meaningful conversations about real problems with our fellow professionals.  
  • The Company Command and Platoon Leader online professional forums. CALDOL carries forth the work begun by the team of officers who founded the Army’s first and premier online communities of practice— (2000) and (2001), which are now hosted at ,, and These forums connect past, present, and future company commanders and platoon leaders, respectively, enabling them to engage in conversation and share ideas, stories, and products.
We believe that the Army profession is effective only to the degree that its members take responsibility for it, engage in the collective conversation that shapes it, and see themselves as being connected to their fellow warriors—past, present, and future. By engaging in high-quality professional conversation through experiences such as Leader Challenges sessions and the online professional forums, leaders gain greater access to knowledge. However, more powerfully for the profession, they gain a platform to articulate and share their ideas, lessons learned, and wisdom born of experience. They become stewards of our profession, enabled to be professionals on a scale never before possible.

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