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1 March 2012 - COL Thomas Kolditz, Department Head, Behavioral Sciences & Leadership, Applying In Extremis Leadership to Accomplishing the United States Military Academy 30 Sep 2011 - MG Ben Hodges, Chief Legislative Liaison, Land Power and the Congressional Fellowship Program 9 Sep 2011 - Dr. Ben Cole, NSA, The Next Technological Age IBM Watson Project Army Research Laboratory Ballistics Testing Facility

What is the West Point Center for Faculty Development?


The Mathematics Center for Faculty Development (CFD) at the United States Military Academy, is responsible for the overall faculty development program in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. The Center also coordinates and provides guidance for several programs within the Department in order to ensure all faculty are prepared and confident to be the best instructors they can. The CFD builds on the recognized strengths of the Department of Mathematical Sciences and seeks to benefit from resources beyond the department to help develop all faculty.