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The Art, Philosophy, and Literature Major (APL)

“To be both a speaker of words and a doer of deeds” - This was Achilles’ ideal, and could be yours. If you take up Achilles’ challenge, you will explore a broad range of Literature or Philosophy courses with room to customize your educational experience. You will take ten courses, including Cultural Studies; a methodology course (Criticism for the Literature track or Logical Reasoning for the Philosophy track); a Senior Seminar; one art history course; an intermediate-level foreign language; and four other courses in the chosen track. Should you qualify and wish to enroll in the Honors Program, you would add a two-semester Senior Thesis sequence. To graduate with honors, a cadet must attain a grade-point average of 3.0 in the core curriculum and 3.5 in the major.

For more information on the APL major contact:

Past Secretary of Veterans Affairs, former Army Chief of Staff, and former instructor for the Department of English General (USA, Ret.) Eric Shinseki noted the powerful connection between officership and the liberal arts:eric-shinseki-secretary-of-veterans-affairs.jpg

“It is to the skills and lessons I acquired in the study of art, philosophy, and literature that I turned most frequently and used each and every day to understand, to communicate, to educate, and to motivate others in helping me accomplish my military responsibilities.”