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Human Geography

Over the past decade, Human Geography has been one of the most popular majors at the Academy and just in the last 5 years we've graduated about 150 human geographers that are now working around the world.
Key Points about a Human Major:
  • This is a social science major just like political science, economics, psychology, or sociology. Geographers want to research and answer questions about the world we live in.
  • Our major gives you some flexibility. We have a few required courses, but you also have choices within the program and a free elective that can be used to take one of over 60 courses in various Academy departments, including Sosh, History, DFL, or BS&L.
  • We offer a lot of regional geography courses, so it's a great major for anyone interested in learning more about our world, global cultures or international issues.
  • We have an honors sequence for cadets with high GPAs or who want to do their own geographic research.
  • This major prepares you well for careers in any international field, such as the foreign service, international business, non-governmental organizations, or a full career in the Army.
    For complete information, download our information packet:
    Complete the 26-course core curriculum
    Complete any 3-course core engineering sequence

    Complete one of the following courses:

    IT305 Theory and Practice of Military IT Systems
    IT355 Advanced Theory and Practice of Military IT Systems

    Complete the three courses listed below:

    EV303 Foundations in Geography
    EV365 Geography of Global Cultures
    EV398 Geographic Information Systems

    Complete one of the eight Regional Geography courses listed below:

    EV371 Geography of Russia
    EV372 Geography of Asia
    EV373 Geography of Latin America
    EV375 Geography of Africa
    EV376 Geography of the Middle East
    EV384 Geography of North America
    EV386 Geography of Europe

    Complete one of the courses listed below:
    EV387 Meteorology
    EV388A Physical Geology
    EV388B Geomorphology
    EV389B Climatology
    EV391B Environmental Geology

    Complete the course listed below:

    LX ___ Third Semester of Language

    Complete two of the three courses listed below:

    EV390B Urban Geography
    EV391A Principles of Land Use Planning and Management
    EV3XX Any Regional Geography Course
    EV483 Colloquium in Geography
    EV485 Special Topics in Geography and the Environment
    Complete one elective
    Complete the following course:

    EV482 Military Geography