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The Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic : Cadet Character Development Program

The Class of 1975 Cadet Character Development Program
The Cadet Character Development Program (CCDP) is a collaborative effort between the Brigade Tactical Department (BTD) and the Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic (SCPME). The CCDP provides the conceptual and inspirational content to support the individual and collective development of Cadets into commissioned leaders of character, and is the foundation of our character education efforts. The CCDP is responsible for instruction and structured reflection on the concepts central to professional and ethical standards of behavior for the United States Army. Cadets put these standards of behavior into practice through their participation in the academic, military, and physical programs.
 ​CCDP Excellence Photo: Company D1 conducted the Plebe Pitfalls Discussion on 07 September 2017 in front of Honor Plaza.
Academic Year 2018 CCDP Schedule


AY 18-1 CCDP Content
  • CCDP Overview (23 AUG)

         AY 18 CCDP Overview.pptxAY 18 CCDP Overview.pptx

  • 3-4 Class Workbook (Starts 02 OCT during FCDT)
  • Honor Class: Plebe Pitfalls (07 SEP)

         Plebe Pitfalls Guide.pdfPlebe Pitfalls Guide.pdf ​​

  • Social Module: The Hook-Up Fallacy (25 SEP & 03 OCT)

         Facilitator Rehearsal Brief- Hook-Up Fallacies.pptxFacilitator Rehearsal Brief- Hook-Up Fallacies.pptx

         The Hook-up Fallacy Guide.pdfThe Hook-up Fallacy Guide.pdf


          ************The Hook-Up Fallacy Survey Link*****************

  • Honor Class: Honor System Overview (05 OCT)

         Honor System Overview Guide.pdfHonor System Overview Guide.pdf

  • ​​Civic Module: Building Cohesive Teams (18 OCT)
  • Social Module: Looking in the Mirror (30 OCT & 01 NOV)
  • Honor Class: Cheating (07 NOV)
  • Civic Module: National Climate (14 NOV)