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Admissions : Visit

Visitation Blackout Dates: 20-26 May 2019, 27 June-2 July 2019

Notice to Applicants and Families

We respectfully request that no visits occur during
Graduation Week,  20-26 May 2019 and the week preceding
Reception Day (R-Day), 27 June - 2 July 2019.

Because of these major events, Cadets, Faculty, and Staff are unavailable to conduct proper visits. Thank you for your understanding.  

All visitors (except valid DoD ID card holders) must report to the Visitor Control Center in order to obtain a background check to enter West Point. After completing the background check, you will be issued a West Point Local Area Credential which will authorize you to enter the installation. There are frequently dozens of visitors applying simultaneously for the ​West Point Local Area Credential so the background check process can take up to one (1) hour. We urge you to add this hour to the time you estimate it will take to undergo the identification checks and vehicle inspection at the gate as well as travel time to the Admissions Office from the Visitor Center. The Visitor Center is located approximately 1/4 mile outside the Thayer Gate at 2107 New South Post Rd, West Point, NY. The hours of operation are 6:00am to 4:30pm daily. You will not be able to attend an Admissions briefing and tour without these credentials. Please allow yourself an extra hour to complete this process.


For a guided visit, please make an appointment by calling 845-938-5760/5759.  

If you are considering West Point for college, we invite you to come for a visit. From September to April, we have day tours available for you and your family to meet with cadets and staff.

Prospective candidates and their families may schedule a "daily admissions visit" which will be conducted Monday-Friday at 7:45 AM during the academic year when classes are in regular session (mid-August through mid-November, mid-January through April). Daily visits consist of a 1-hour briefing co-presented by an Admissions Officer and a current Cadet, a walking tour of the campus (weather permitting), an opportunity for a one-on-one meeting with an Admissions Officer, as well as a chance for the prospective candidate to attend classes and eat lunch with a Cadet. The briefing is conducted on the first floor of Bldg 606.
Appointments are required so please call (845) 938-5760/5759 to schedule your visit and obtain specific instructions.  These hours are applicable from September to April to coincide with the routine events of the academic calendar. No appointments will be scheduled during holidays, high-traffic event days (Graduation and R-Day), and Term End Exam periods.  
 During the summer months (May- September) and other periods when classes are not in session, the briefings begin at 10:00AM.  These "other periods" are defined by the academic calendar and include Reorganization week, graduation week, Term End Exam weeks (first two weeks of December and May)Thanksgiving break (typically starting the Friday before Thanksgiving),  winter break (typically the last 2 weeks in December through the first week of January), and Spring Break (which varies slightly each year). Regrettably, Cadets are not in residence during these above periods so there is no opportunity for the prospective candidate to attend classes or eat lunch with a Cadet.   
These "daily" visits, especially those conducted during the academic year, are the best way to become familiar with West Point – both as a top-ranked college and a military academy.
The campus is rich in beauty, architecture, and history – you can see it and feel it everywhere you go.  We invite you to experience it for yourself and at the same time, give us a chance to get to know you better.  During your visit, think about what it would be like to be a West Point Cadet.  Do you see yourself here?  Does it feel right?  Do you want to lead Soldiers and serve your country? 
We hope to see you soon.
On your GPS or Phone:  City - West Point. 1 Thayer Road takes you to the Thayer Gate.  Admissions is located down the road about 1 mile. 
  • Just 45 minutes north of New York City.
  • West Point sits high on a hill overlooking the Hudson River.
  • Spectacular views are just part of the natural and architectural beauty that is West Point.
  • In your GPS, type in: 1 Thayer Road, West Point, NY.  This address takes you to the Thayer Gate. We are 606 Thayer Road.  Please bring identification to gain access on post. 
Visit Opportunities for Prospective Students

If you are visiting in during the school year, schedule a weekday visit at least two weeks in advance. Bring a parent or family member, too.

  • During the academic year, you’ll spend time with a cadet escort.  Because each visiting student is paired with a cadet, space is limited.  Please inquire early.
  • During the summer break (1 May to mid-September), you’ll meet one-on-one with an Admissions Officer. We conduct a daily brief at 10 am, followed by a guided walking tour.
  • Come for an overnight visit, if you have applied and been accepted, or if you’ve received a Letter of Encouragement (LOE) from Admissions.

For Visits during the USMA Academic Year

Visit with Admissions Officers and Cadets

  • Arrive by 7:30 am.  Admissions briefing starts at 7:45 am.  Cadets will pick up candidates (high school juniors and seniors that have applied) and take them to classes, show them their living areas and eat with them.   Ask all the questions you have!  
  • Parents will hear from Admissions Officers, the Parents Club Coordinator and cadets.   
  • Parking will be challenging.  Please arrive early and plan to drop off members of your family before you park. 


  • During your visit prospective students will receive meal tickets in order to eat at the cadet mess hall.
    • Daily visit: 1 lunch.
    • Overnight visit: 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, 1 dinner.
    • Arrive no later than 7:45 a.m. at the Admissions Office to check in and pick up your tickets.
  • Family and friends are responsible for their own lunch at local restaurants, on- or off-campus.


  • Prospective cadets on overnight visits stay in the barracks with cadets. Day visitors and all family and friends need to make their own arrangements for lodging.
  • For local lodging and tourism information, contact:


For Visits during the Summer

Guided Walking Tour  

  • No appointment is necessary, just arrive at 606 Thayer Road by 0945. 
  • Parking may be challenging - expect to walk a little from your parking spot.  It may be better to drop everyone off prior to parking your car.
  • After an Admissions overview, the Admissions Officer will take visitors on a walking tour.  The tour will be done by approximately 1200. 
  • Meals and lodging are not provided to visiting candidates during the summer months, but the weather is nicer!
  • Please e-mail us at to let us know you are coming.
    • The date you plan to visit (no tours available on weekends/holidays).
    • Include: Name of candidate (if applicable) and other family members.
    • If not yet a high school junior or senior, what year the interested visitor is in school. 
    • Where you live.
    • Is an alumni in the group?  Military officer?
  • See you soon!
Parking/Ground Transportation to the Admissions Office, Bldg. 606 
Due to limited availability, parking near Bldg 606 and along Thayer Road is by permit only. Visitors must park at the Buffalo Soldier Field parking lot (just inside Thayer Gate). To convey visitors, free shuttle buses run roundtrip, Mon-Fri (except holidays), from the Bus Shelter in the Buffalo Soldier Field parking lot to Trophy Point Amphitheater (Clinton Parking Lot). We recommend parking at Buffalo Soldier Field and taking the 7:05 a.m. or 07:25 a.m. bus. Notify the driver that you wish to be dropped at the corner of Thayer & Cullum Road. Walk down Thayer Road toward the guard shack. Admissions (Building 606) will be on your left, about a 5-minute walk from the bus stop.
A real time tracker is located here to help you project the arrival of the bus.

NOTE:  During the academic year (September through April, excepting holidays) candidates must select a tour date at least two weeks prior to the current date. Cancellations or new appointments may not be made within two weeks of the current date. If you have questions about scheduling a visit, please call 845-938-5760/5759.

Click “Continue” below only if you are scheduling a daily/overnight visit between mid-September and 30 April during the academic year:

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Click “Continue” below only if you are scheduling a daily/overnight visit between mid-September and 30 April:
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