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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here you will find Frequently Asked Questions arranged in the following categories:
How do I apply to attend USMAPS?
You do not directly apply to attend USMAPS. You must apply to USMA by completing a Pre-Candidate Questionnaire and by obtaining a nomination, normally from a United States Congressman or Senator. Your admission to USMAPS is determined as part of the USMA Admissions process. Go to the USMA Admission’s webpage for more information.
What are the minimum admission requirements?
You must meet certain requirements specified by public law. You must be a United States citizen, at least 17, and not yet 23 years of age on July 1 of your year of USMA admission. You must not be married, pregnant, or have a legal obligation to support a child or children. If you are a naturalized citizen, you must provide documentation.
How do I apply if I am an Active Duty Soldier?
The application steps are the same for Soldiers as they are for civilians who apply; however, Soldiers can obtain a nomination from their company commander and are automatically considered for the Preparatory School if not directly admitted to West Point.
When will I receive my offer to USMA if I attend USMAPS?
The majority of individuals that earn an offer of admission to USMA will normally receive that offer during the first week of May (just prior to USMAPS graduation). However, offers are made on an individual basis and the timeline can vary.
If I attend USMAPS, am I automatically admitted to USMA at the end of the year?
No, you are not guaranteed admission to USMA. You must earn admission to USMA by completing all requirements prescribed by the USMA admission process.


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