Graduation Dates:
Class of 2025 - May 24, 2025
Class of 2026 - May 23, 2026
Class of 2027 - May 22, 2027

Graduation History

Originally known as June Week (because Graduation happened in early or mid-June), Graduation Week and Graduation is filled with events to recognize graduating cadets' connection to both their classmates and the classes that have come before them.

50-Year Affiliation Class

Beginning with the Class of 1999 and Class of 1949, on R-Day, the entering cadet class is paired with an alumni class that is fifty years its senior. Over the next four years, the graduates accompany their affiliated cadets at significant Academy events, including the final event in a cadet's 47-month experience, graduation.

As cadets “Grip Hands” with those who preceded them a half-century earlier, the 50-year Affiliation Program has matured to become an indispensable element in not only the development of cadets but also in the strengthening of the Long Gray Line.