Military Justice

The Military Justice Division is responsible for conducting all day-to-day military justice actions for West Point, including those at the United States Military Academy (USMA), the Garrison Command, and Keller Army Community Hospital (KACH). The Justice Division provides military justice legal advice to the Superintendent, Commandant of Cadets, the Garrison Commander, the KACH Commander, DENTAC Commander, and their subordinate commanders and staff. The Division reviews and provides support in a variety of areas, including Cadet Misconduct Investigations, Cadet Honor Code hearings, and courts-martial, as well as Cadet resignations, separations, and other actions.

These services are also provided to commanders whose units are not located at West Point, but fall under the courts-martial jurisdiction of the Superintendent, USMA. These include units at Fort Hamilton, Stewart Air National Guard Base, Tobyhanna Army Depot, and Picatinny Arsenal.

The Judge Advocates in this section also serve as Special Assistant U.S. Attorneys (SAUSAs) and prosecute civilian offenses in Federal magistrate court that occur on West Point and other nearby federal lands and installations.

Office and Contact Information​ ​
​ ​

​Chief, Military Justice, ​845-938-6379

Special Victim Prosecutor (SVP), 845-938-6379
The SVP acts as the senior trial counsel for all courts-martials involving sexual assault.  The SVP is also the SME on all sexual assault and violations of Article 120 of the UCMJ.  They will provide guidance to the command and CID as necessary. 

United States Corps of Cadets (USCC) Brigade Judge Advocate (BJA), 845-938-6366
​The USCC BJA provides guidance to commanders on issues related to investigators, administrative proceedings, and UCMJ action involving members of the Corps of Cadets, as well as USCC Staff and Faculty. 

United States Military Academy Trial Counsel/Special Assistant United States Attorney (SAUSA), 845-938-6381
​The United States Army Garrison Trial Counsel provides guidance to commanders on issues related to investigations, ​administrative proceedings, and UCMJ action involving all West Point personnel not assigned to USCC. The SAUSA pursues criminal prosecution of personnel who commit traffic offenses and criminal infractions on West Point.​

Military Justice Advisor (MJA), 845-938-6507
The MJA uses their expertise to help develop courses of action with commanders, through a focus on advising commanders across the gamut of military-justice issues.

​For Staff and Faculty Seeking Additional Information, ​please email


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