Class of ’20 Inaugural Diversity & Inclusion Studies Minors

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategies 

Diversity & Inclusion Plan (2020-2025)
USCC Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Strategy (2020) [release o/a 11 JUL 2020]
Dean's Diversity Strategy (AY 2017)
Diversity & Inclusion Studies Minor (Request Curriculum Committee)
Diversity, Inclusion, Equity at USMA

Diversity & Inclusion Studies Minor

Diversity and Inclusion Studies (DISM) is an interdisciplinary minor administered by the Department of Behavioral Sciences & Leadership that consists of humanities and social science courses. America is a multicultural polity and demands knowledgeable and pragmatic thinkers who understand the range of human experiences. The Diversity and Inclusion Studies Minor (DISM) exposes cadets to varied perspectives & methodologies for understanding and studying the humanities. By carefully drawing from existing courses in multiple departments, the DISM complements and enhances the core curriculum, academic majors, and several West Point Centers and committees. Moreover, the DISM at West Point offers cadets a framework for critically and creatively thinking about the broader impact of diversity and inclusion at the individual, organizational, societal, and/or global levels - providing them with knowledge and insights that can help prepare them to lead in today's Army. 

5-Course Minor
Must take 2 of 3
PL377: Social Inequality
EN352: Power and Difference
SS392: The Politics of Race, Gender, and Sexuality

 Must Take 1 of 4
 HI391: World Religions
HI461: Sex and Civilizations
HI463: Race, Ethnicity, Nation
HI398: Society & Culture in American History

2 of 42 Free Electives from DISM-designated courses in Sociology, History, English, Philosophy, Psychology, Geography, Law, Foreign Languages, and Social Sciences. Courses may be double counted between the minor and any other curricular component, so long as three (3) courses remain unique to the minor. Cadets participating in semesters abroad, internships, Academic Individual Advanced Development programs (AIADs), and Special Topics courses may receive credit to-ward the DISM. Photo (below): Cadets and faculty on the Department of Law’s Civil Rights Staff Ride, a two-week journey throughout the American South to understand diversity and immerse cadets in the culture of the Civil Rights Movement.  


Female soldier and two West Point cadets welcome guests at conference while behind check in table.

Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Conference 

Event Highlights: Registration & Welcome Reception, Hot Topic Forum Discussion (Cadet Respect Committee), Understanding Social Characteristics, Inclusion in the U.S. Military, Graduate Panel (Junior Military Officers), Luncheons, Mentorship, Negotiations, Arts Forum, Theatre Workshop: Building Empathy and Compassion, Leading Diverse Organization Panels & Discussions along with Diversity Vignettes & Break Out Groups. 

COL(R) Diane Ryan, CPT Jacob Absalon (Dept of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership), LTC Winston Williams (Dept of Law), Dr. Regina Werum (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Dr. Ernest Morrell (Columbia University), and Dr. James Martin (New York University) joined together for the Social Justice Panel at USMA's 14th Annual Diversity Leadership Conference. 

Six members of the Diversity Committee gather to take a photo while in the West Point Library.
Brigadier General Cindy Jebb seated at large table with eight other members of the Dean’s Diversity Committee; all meeting attendees are actively engaging in discussion.

Dean's Diversity Committee


The Office of the Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity (ODIEO) was established in May 2014 to be the focal point for West Point Diversity and Inclusion outreach initiatives, projects and plans.   

Chair: Oxendine, Christopher COL
Vice-Chair: Parsons, Graham D Dr. 
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MAJ Jacob P. Absalon

Department of the Army Diversity & Leadership Award

Diversity & Inclusion Studies Minor Academic Counselor & Instructor

Partnering with multiple departments, Major Absalon established the infrastructure for and helped assess the first cohort of cadets in the diversity and inclusion studies minor. As part of that process, he presented and staffed Leading Inclusive teams, a new course proposal, through the academy’s curriculum committee. He also planned and executed the inaugural Diversity Leadership Seminar, a series of discussions focused on achieving a high-performance organization of people from diverse backgrounds who are empowered and accountable. 

Major Jacob Absalon receiving Department of the Army Diversity & Leadership Award from ceremony host.



2019 Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Conference

Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Conference Photos


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