You can’t forget that it is the men and women who populate the armed forces of the United States who are the decisive advantage, because you can’t copy the human dimension” - GEN Martin Dempsey


Psychology is immensely applicable for future Army officers. You will gain skills and knowledge that allow you to better understand the people you will lead. You will apply the lessons learned in the major every day in a variety of settings. Make your life better, understand your world and the people in it – major in Psychology!   
Psychology majors choose between two different tracks:

  •  “Applied General Psychology” is focused on applying knowledge of psychology to improve the development, performance, and well-being of individuals (soldiers). 
  • “Organizational Psychology and Leadership” is focused on applying knowledge of psychology to select and develop leaders, and improve the effectiveness of groups, teams, and organizations.  


Leaders teach, train and counsel. Good Teaching and training enhance proficiency and build the self-confidence necessary to confront difficult tasks. Sensitive and insightful counseling insures discipline, lifts morale and promotes the cohesion essential to keep going under the most stressful conditions. The Psychology Program will help you acquire these skills. You will start by learning how to frame questions, generate alternative solutions, gain information and make decisions. You will then learn how people learn and develop; finally, you will use this knowledge to learn how to help others develop and become more effective in their service to the nation.


  • Psychology is Interdisciplinary - The study of psychology investigates human behavior, cognition, and emotion by analyzing the complex interactions between environmental, social, cultural, organizational, and biological influences.     
  • Psychology majors can be found in every sector of the professional world : in the military, industrial, retail, non-profit, consulting, academic, and research & development sectors.
  • Organizational Psychology is ranked as the #1 fastest growing career fields in America by the US Department of Labor.
  • As an Army leader you must understand and influence people as individuals, and their effectiveness as a unit. As a Psychology Major you will:
    •  understand how to build effective teams
    •  develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed to be an adaptive leader  
    •  understand how to impact individual motivation, organizational culture, and personal/unit resiliency 
    •  understand the roots of prejudice, violence, and aggression and how to reduce and resolve conflict  
    •  understand how to leverage diversity constructively to make units more effective
    •  be able to manage difficult situations and high-stress environments 
    •   develop the interpersonal and counseling skills required of leaders 
    •  understand interventions that can reduce distress in Soldiers and their families 


Summer Internships (AIADs) provide a 3-4 week opportunity to apply lessons learned from the major within various organizations. BS&L currently coordinates over 100 AIADs a year, across the United States and in various foreign countries. Some examples of organizations you could work with include the FBI, NSA, NASA, The Army Research Institute, Office of the Surgeon General, Fortune 500 Corporations, the Boy Scout Philmont Ranch and SeaBase High Adventure Camps, and the Military Child Education Coalition.



Dr. Marjorie Carroll, 845-938-5642,
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MAJ Benjamin Adams, 845-938-4475,  



Roth & GEN Dempsey“Psychology provides a baseline understanding of how humans think, behave, and interact that empowers leaders to make better decisions with respect to both our Soldiers and our missions.” - MAJ Chaveso Cook, ‘04, Military Information 

Cadets in Mexicon“Majoring in Psychology allows you to truly embrace UNDERSTANDING the individuality of Soldiers, giving you a secret key to unlocking the vast potential in Soldiers that would otherwise remain untapped.  - 1LT Amanda Darling, ‘13, Adjutant General

Class of 2018 Psychology Major Curriculum

Cadets can find specific course information in the Dean's Redbook

All psychology majors take the classes shown in darker blue and yellow.  

Psychology Major Curriculm

**NEW** Psychology Major Curriculum 

 Psychology Curriculum