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Complementary Support Clusters for Sociology Majors

One of the Most Flexible Majors at USMA   

LTC Remi Hajjar Dr. Morten Ender CPT Jacob Absalon CPT Jessica Dawson
PL393: Criminology PL363: Qualitative Research Methods PL371: Intro to Sociology PL384:  Sociological Theory
PL482: Armed Forces in Society PL372: Marriage and the Family   PL377: Social Inequality 
PL488D: Sociology of Military Films LD700: Organization, Culture and Socialization    

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Why Major in Sociology?


The Sociology Program at West Point builds cross-cultural leaders and provides one of the most flexible majors at the Academy! 

We study human social behavior in small groups, organizations, and entire societies.  These are merely a few questions that sociology majors study in-depth: 
What makes groups unite?  
What social processes bring groups and societies together, and also cause clashes?
What do leaders need to know about people and groups to effectively lead in the Twenty-First Century?

We study culture, crime and deviance, the family, morality, organizational systems, the military, leadership, sociological theory, movies, social media, social inequality, and many other topics.

The Sociology Program contributes to the Academic Program Goals and helps develop leaders of character.  Here are some ways the Sociology Program contributes to West Point's goals and mission:

  • Build dynamic leaders
  • Cultivate cross-cultural competence
  • Develop a social-historical perspective 
  • Understand human behavior by conducting research 
  • Foster effective communication skills 
  • Develop strong social-moral awareness and foundations 
  • Become life-long learners 
  • Value creative and critical thinking 

Studying sociology at USMA develops effective leaders and informed citizens of character.

Core Courses

PL372: Marriage and Family PL482: Armed Forces and Society
PL371: Introductory Sociology PL488D: Sociology Colloquium
PL 377: Social Inequality PL393: Criminology
PL384: Sociological Theory PL363: Qualitative Social Research Methods


Depth of Discipline Electives

PL361: Social Research Methods PL498: Advanced Behavioral Sciences
PL497: Seminar in Behavioral Sciences PL383: Social Psychology 

SS381: Cultural Anthropology



Complementary Support Course Clusters

Cadets will select one CSC group and take three courses in that cluster. The Red Book contains specific course  requirements.

Sociology of Networks and Cyber Sociology of Organizational Leadership & Management
Management Sociology of Culture
Historical Sociology Environmental Sociology
Sociology and Mathematics Sociology of Law
Sociology of Exercise & Sport Sociology of the Military
Sociology of Race & Ethnicity Sociology of Politics and Government
  Sociology of Sex/Gender
Sociology of Art & Film Sociology of Peace & Conflict