Behavioral Science and Leadership AIADs



BS&L offers a variety of international and domestic summer enrichment internship programs for cadets. Known throughout the Academy as AIADs, these opportunities are carefully selected to ensure they create excellent opportunities for cadets to practice the skills they learn in the classroom and employ their leadership skills in new and often challenging circumstances. Our diverse partnerships include DOD, private, non-profit, research, and academic institutions both domestically and abroad.

Please note that cadets outside of the BS&L major are eligible for the below listed AIADS.

If your organization is interested in hosting BS&L cadets, please contact BS&L admin team to learn more.

                                        List of 2020 AIADs

Project Number Program Agency/Title Location
15921    Management    Mercedes Benz-USA Internship (Product Management, Marketing Services) Georgia
15922    Management    IESE Business School (Business Education) Spain
15923    Management    Tuck School of Business Bridge Program (Business Education) New Hampshire
15924    Management    S&P Global Internship (Leveraged Finance) New Yorrk
15925    Management    University of Pretoria's GORDON INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS SCIENCE (GIBS) (Business Education) South Africa
15926    Management    Army Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES) (A Strategic Approach on the War for Talent) Texas
15927    Management    EMCOR Internship (Strategy, Management, Operations) Connecticut
15928    Management    Human Resource Management for New York City Pride (HR, Operations) New York
15929    Management    Chipotle Restaurants (Marketing - Digital/Social Media) California
15946    WPLC    Hacking 4 Defense West Point/NYC
15948    Management    Army Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES) (Corporate Communication + Digital/Social Media Marketing) Texas
16073    Management    Walmart Headquarters (HR Talent, Machine-Human Pairing, Operations) Arkansas
16075    Management    National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) (Strategy) Wyoming
16076    Management    US Army World Class Athlete Program (WCAP) (Digital/Social Media Marketing for 2020 Olympic Games) Colorado
16077    Management    CCDC Soldier Center (Soldier Performance Optimization Directorate Consumer Research Team) Massachusetts
16088    Management    Verizon Communications Corporate Internship (Human Resources, Operations, Management) New Jersey
16111 E-Psych & Math    Insider Threat - Collaboration with Math - New Virginia (Pentagon)
16112 E-Psych & Math    Insider Threat - Collaboration with Math - New California
16174    WPLC    Point Avenue (Hanoi, Vietnam) Hanoi, Vietnam
16284    Management    Bank of New York - Mellon (Finance, Operations, Management) New York
16300    WPLC    Point Avenue (Da Nang, Vietnam) Da Nang, Vietnam
16303    Psychology    Philmont Scout Ranch New Mexico
16304    Psychology    Cabin Counselor, Hole in the Wall camps Connecticut
16305    Psychology    Whitefish Veterans Support Team Montana
16306    Psychology    High Adventure Sea Base, BSA Florida
16319    E-Psych    Medical Simulation Training Research Florida
16320    E-Psych    Institute for Creative Technologies - Rapid Avatar Prototyping California
16321    E-Psych    User Interface Project Engineer Maryland
16322    E-Psych    SOARTECH: Artificial Intelligence and Human Factors Application to Military Hard Problems Michigan
16323    Psychology    The Veterans Experience Office - DVA Castle Point, NY
16332    WPLC    Point Avenue (Bangkok, Thailand) Bangkok, Thailand
16334    E-Psych    Haptic Experiment Support- CCDC Soldier Center Florida
16335 Sociology (DISM)    NDU-Malaysia SMEE Malaysia
16339    Management    Project Management/ Process Improvement- Johnson & Johnson Plant Pennsylvania
16340    Management    Investigation of Character, Grit, Resilience in Basketball Prospects Texas
16341    E-Psych    NATICK - FUDD - New Massachusetts
16352    Management    Out Leadership-Consulting for a Return on Equity New York
16359    Sociology    RED Arena (Exploration of Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning) Texas
16360    E-Psych    US Air Force Academy (Multi-Domain Research) Colorado