Prospective Faculty

Military Faculty Positions

We are interested in qualified officers (usual captains at the 5-7 years time-in-service mark) that hold an undergraduate degree in either chemistry, chemical engineering, or biology, to attend two years of graduate school for the purpose of obtaining a master’s degree in a chemistry, chemical engineering, or life science related field, followed by a three-year assignment to the Department of Chemistry and Life Science as one of our rotating faculty. Selection is based on a successful career, including company (battery, troop) command, undergraduate performance, GRE scores, and your willingness to participate in the program. All instructors teach at least one year in the general chemistry course to plebes (freshmen), and may, based on their interest level, branch out to teach an electives course.

If you would like more information about our department please review this FAQ sheet and/or contact us at


To Begin The Application Process

To facilitate the application process for rotating military faculty positions, USMA has transitioned from the West Enabled System to TEACH, a web application platform that systematically walks you through the application process.

The TEACH system allows an applicant to simultaneously apply to multiple departments. If you are applying to more than one department, it is advised that you contact each department, as they may have different requirements for eligibility.

If you are new to the application process click TEACH to start a new file. This is a CAC enabled website that will systematically walk you through the process, requiring you to provide basic information and upload documents for review during the Department faculty selection board.  If you have any questions or problems related to the TEACH system,  you can email TEACH technical support personnel. 

Civilian Faculty Positions

Candidates for positions are evaluated according to the following factors: (1) Advanced degree (Ph.D.) in either chemical engineering, chemistry, or life science. (2) Ability to teach undergraduate courses in general chemistry and appropriate electives in chemistry, chemical engineering, or life sciences. (3) Ability to conduct research. (4) Ability to mentor students, direct them in their individual research projects and support student activities outside the classroom. (5) Demonstrated high standards of scholarship and promise of growth and development in the academic profession. Applicants should have some college or professional teaching experience and a personal research agenda. Undergraduate education is our top priority. This appointment is a three-year renewable appointment.

* Please check USAJOBS for current openings*