Core Engineering Sequence

For cadets majoring in another discipline, we offer a practical, hands-on, 3-course Infrastructure Engineering sequence:

  • MC300 Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics and Design
  • CE350 Infrastructure Engineering
  • CE450 Construction Management

The Infrastructure Engineering Sequence focuses on the design, analysis, assessment and construction of the built environment. Cadets learn about the importance of the infrastructure sectors, such as water, power, and transportation, and their inter-relationships. The first course, MC300 Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics and Design, provides cadets with foundational engineering mechanics as the basis for all structural elements in the context of learning the engineering design process. In the second course, CE350 Infrastructure Engineering, cadets learn to identify, analyze, and assess the built environment, which is the infrastructure foundation for modern society. Expanding upon the structural systems introduced in the first course, cadets engage in learning about water and wastewater, power, transportation, solid waste, communications systems, public administration, and sustainment. In the third course, CE450 Construction Management, cadets learn how to plan and execute construction of the built environment. The culminating event that brings together the two previous courses is the designing, planning, and presenting a construction briefing of a base camp in a combat theater of operations. Integral to all three courses is an active learning environment with emphasis on classroom demonstrations, virtual and physical simulations, and practical exercises.