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This web page provides guidance about how to apply for a rotating military faculty position in C&ME.


Each year, we select 5 to 10 branch-qualified captains to attend a two-year advanced civil schooling program, with a three-year follow-on assignment to the USMA faculty. Our officers attend high-quality graduate programs and obtain Master of Science degrees in civil, mechanical, or aerospace engineering. As professors in our two nationally ranked undergraduate engineering programs, our officers teach, perform professional service, do scholarly research and outreach to the Army, and participate in the mentorship of cadets, both in and outside of the classroom. An assignment to the USMA faculty is a challenging and rewarding developmental experience.


  • Officers from all commissioning sources are encouraged to apply for faculty positions in C&ME.
  • We accept applications from officers of all branches except Medical Service Corps and the Judge Advocate General’s Corps. We have four TDA positions for Aviation officers (15B), who fly our department’s two fixed wing aircraft in support of the aerospace engineering program. We have 11 TDA positions for Corps of Engineer officers (21D), one for a Functional Area 51 officer, and one for a Functional Area 49 officer. All of our remaining positions are branch immaterial (01A).
  • We normally select officers to begin graduate school in their 6th, 7th, or 8th year of service. Selected officers will begin graduate school 18 months after selection. On occasion, when an officer's timeline is constrained, it is possible to attend graduate school for less than two years. This option is not our first choice, and requires an exception to policy. Officers are encouraged to begin building their files as soon as possible and apply as soon as the fourth year of service; however, these files will not be considered by the selection board until they enter their three-year window of eligibility as described above.
  • Only branch-qualified officers will be approved for ACS and a follow-on assignment to USMA. Thus, officers who will not be branch-qualified in time to start school by the 8th year of service are generally not eligible. We are committed to ensuring that our officers leave USMA with adequate time for an O-4 key developmental assignment prior to consideration for promotion to LTC in the primary zone.
  • To be eligible for consideration, faculty candidates should have a bachelor’s degree in civil, mechanical, or aerospace engineering, or a closely related field. Most successful candidates have an undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 or higher, though this is not a rigid requirement.

Application Process

Begin the application process by accessing the USMA Faculty Interest Form at the link above. Fill out the form and click the Submit button. Based on your timeline, military experience, and academic performance, we will make an initial decision about whether or not to accept you as a faculty candidate. Once you are accepted, we will send you a password and user-ID. Use this password and user-ID to log in to our application system via the link provided above. Within the system, you can access and complete your application file as described below.

Items that you will need for a complete file are as follows:

  • Transcripts. Provide copies of your undergraduate and (if applicable) graduate transcripts. Unofficial copies are acceptable. We prefer that you upload a scanned image of the transcripts directly to your application file, rather than sending a hard copy. If you are a USMA graduate, you may call the Transcript Office at DSN 688-3759 (Commercial 845-938-3759) to request that a copy be sent to the Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering.
  • Evidence of a strong military record. Because our faculty members must serve as professional role models for cadets, C&ME places strong emphasis on choosing officers who are militarily successful. We request that you upload copies of all your OER's and AER's. You can obtain these in electronic form directly from your AKO account.
  • Copy of your GRE and/or GMAT scores. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores provide us with an indicator of your potential for success in graduate school. They are also required by HRC for all officers attending advanced civil schooling. If you have not yet taken the GRE, or if your existing GRE scores will be over 5 years old at the time you enter ACS, you should take the exam as soon as possible. The Army minimum standards for the GRE are 500 points on the verbal assessment, 500 points on the quantitative assessment, and 4 in the analytical writing assessment. For GRE information, see or consult with your Education Center. You may either upload a scanned copy of your GRE scores directly to your application file, or you may have the scores sent directly to us.
  • Letters of recommendation. We recommend that you provide two or three letters of recommendation commenting on your potential to do outstanding graduate work at a top U.S. university and be an effective college-level instructor. Letters from senior officers for whom you have worked, peers you have served with or even subordinates are useful, as are letters from your former college instructors. If you will not have a Command OER in time for our selection board, we recommend that you get a letter from your senior rater assessing your performance in your branch-qualifying job. It is important that the information you provide helps us understand the unique contribution you would make to our faculty.
  • Personal statement: You may choose to submit a personal statement for us to consider as part of your WEST file. While there is no specific format for this statement, you should discuss why you want to teach, and what qualifications and unique talents or experiences you would bring to the department.
  • Copy of your most recent Officer Records Brief (ORB). You can download a current copy directly from AKO.
  • An informal photograph. We like to match faces to names.
  • Your best estimate of your availability date to begin graduate school. This is dictated by your anticipated branch qualification and the timing of future PCS and school assignments. If you have not already done so, please alert your branch manager that you are interested in competing for an assignment at West Point.

It is not necessary for you to provide all of this information all at once. You may upload new information as it becomes available, and you may update your file at any time. Please save your password in a place where you'll be able to find it later.

We hold selection boards in January of each year, with that year being considered the Selection Year (SY). As stated above, officers considered that year will come from the year groups SY-7, SY-6, and SY-5 (selection year 'minus'). The selection board consists of all the department’s senior faculty members. The final decision on all selections is made by the Department Head.

If you have questions about your application or the application process, contact COL Bret Van Poppel, the Department Personnel Officer at  If you need to send us anything in hard-copy, use the following address:

Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
ATTN: Personnel Officer
United States Military Academy
West Point, NY 10996

The C&ME fax number is (845) 938-5522.

We appreciate your interest in teaching in the department. Stay in touch!