Majors and Minors

There is no better way to serve the Army and the Nation than to earn a Computer Science, Cyber Science, or Electrical Engineering degree in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The U.S. Army depends every day on thousands of technologies at all levels from individual soldier to strategic decision maker. Leaders who understand these technologies and how to use them effectively are vital to our present and our future, in peace and in war.

Please use the links below to learn about the Major's Program Overviews:

If you are interested in a Minor, the department offers two:

  • Cyber Engineering Minor
  • Robotics Minor

Our best advice, though, is to stop by the department and discuss your thoughts and goals with one of our Academic Counselors. We are located on the first floor of Thayer Hall (South end of the building). You can also click below to send the senior academic counselor an email message:

A coffee or soda is on us!

Other cadets interested in EECS courses

If you would like to take an EECS course to fill a free elective requirement, any faculty member will be happy to discuss options with you or direct you to the right person. Stop by or send a note to one of the Academic Counselors listed above under our best advice!