Welcome, All Alumni of EECS!

If you are a graduate of EECS, we are extremely interested to know what you are doing and how your education at West Point is serving your needs.  We use your input every day to assess and update our programs in order to better prepare the next generation of Officers for service in the Army and our nation.

Regardless of whether you aspire to return to USMA as a faculty member, we encourage you to create a Cadet profile on TEACH, our faculty recruitment and alumni outreach platform.  This is purely optional, but will certainly assist you in maintaining communication with current and former faculty after you depart.  TEACH can be reached at the following link: teach.westpoint.edu.

If you are, or ever become, interested in returning to USMA as faculty, having an open profile on TEACH will serve as an important first step.  In addition to creating a profile, please see our prospective faculty page and send an email to eecsfacultyrecruiting@westpoint.edu to speak with the current Faculty Recruiting Officer.

Best wishes from EECS in all your endeavors!