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English and Philosophy

English and Philosophy

Department Vision:

The Department of English and Philosophy develops and mentors cadets primarily through its two vibrant majors and three core courses.  In addition to the Academy's core courses of EN101, EN102, and PY201, the department offers majors in both literature and philosophy. 

The major in English affords cadets the opportunity to refine skills of analysis and creativity and enrich their imaginative capacities by studying the literary and artistic expressions of both Anglo-American and global cultures. 

The major in Philosophy encourages cadets to investigate the very nature of human knowledge; the relationship between mind and matter; and fundamental principles of the kind that underlie religion, science, and politics. In addition to an emphasis on Ethics and Just War theory, the Department hosts a bi-annual conference on the Ethics of War and Peace.

Ethics of War and Peace Conference

The Department of English and Philosophy hosts a conference on the ethics of war and peace every other year. The next iteration will be in the fall semester of 2021. Since it will be the 20th remembrance of the attacks on 11 September 2001, the conference’s focus will be on the ethical considerations of fighting terrorism, with scholars and practitioners reflecting on the ethical dimensions of the Global War on Terror, its current state, and its possible futures. More information will be forthcoming, including a call for undergraduate papers.


Summer Academic Internships

On average, 150 cadets study abroad each year at 33 different institutions in 20 different countries. Cadets participate in 1150 Advanced Individual Academic Development (AIAD) programs each year. 

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