Department of English and Philosophy

Prospective Faculty

On behalf of Colonel Dave Harper, Head of the Department of English and Philosophy (DEP) at the United States Military Academy at West Point, thank you for your interest in joining the faculty of the Department of English & Philosophy. If you are seeking civilian (non-military) or Academy Professor (FA47) positions, please email our faculty hiring team (POCs below) to inquire about any potential searches or positions.

If you are a military officer seeking a rotating faculty position within DEP, either initiate an application through the T.E.A.C.H. online portal or contact one of the hiring team POCs below.  Applications for the current cycle are due NLT 10 November 2021.

Application requirements can be found here:  Application Requirements

The Department's rotating military faculty are Key Development (KD) complete Captains and in some cases KD complete Majors.  Applicants do not need to be KD complete in order to apply, but they must be KD complete prior to starting graduate school.   Selected individuals will attend Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS) for two academic years in order to earn a Master of Arts in Philosophy or English.  Officers would then serve a three year utilization tour as an instructor at West Point.  We are currently taking applications from year group 2015, 2016, & 2017 Captains and year group 2009 & 2010 Majors.  We seek to create a diverse group of instructors across all branches and commissioning sources.  Selected applicants would start graduate school in the fall of 2023 and begin teaching at West Point in the fall of 2025.

Rotating Military Faculty Position Description:  Academic Instructors in the Department of English and Philosophy are selected to teach either English or Philosophy (not both).  English instructors teach First Year Composition (EN101) and Introduction to Literature (EN102).  Philosophy instructors teach Philosophy and Ethical Reasoning (PY201).  Each section typically ranges from 14-18 cadets.  Other duties, as assigned, could include academic engagement with other faculty and cadets, participation in cadet extra-curricular development, service to the department, or participation with one of the Department’s Cadet Humanities Forum clubs.

To hear testimonials from current and former faculty members, visit our faculty testimonial page.  

If you have further questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact one of the individuals below.

DEP Faculty Hiring Lead:

Tony Zupancic
Colonel, Armor
Academy Professor, Department of English and Philosophy
United States Military Academy
Room 300, Building 607, West Point, NY 10996

DEP Faculty Hiring Deputy:

Lauren Ward
Captain, Adjutant General
Instructor, Department of English and Philosophy
United States Military Academy
Room 301, Building 607, West Point, NY 10996