Department of Geography & Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering Sequence

The 3-Course Environmental Engineering Sequence is available to all cadets. It offers an engineering sequence that highlights global issues and develops sustainable solutions to problems involving human activity and the environment. It provides the opportunity to learn and apply the engineering design process in the physical world where social, political, and economic considerations are major factors in decision-making.

The first course in the sequence is EV300 Environmental Science. EV300 provides cadets with a broad understanding of what the term "environment" encompasses and how influences, especially man-made ones, cause changes in the balance of the earth's natural and biological cycles.

The second course in the sequence is EV350 Environmental Engineering Technologies. EV350 builds on the EV300 experience through the study of environmental engineering processes. Cadets are exposed to the breadth of the environmental discipline through the study of water, air, and pollutant management.

The sequence culminates with EV450 Environmental Engineering for Community Development. EV450 teaches cadets how to balance engineered solutions with economic, socio-cultural, political, and ecological considerations evaluated during a decision-making process. Cadets use the management of water resources as a teaching model to learn the realities of decision-making and policy development for all areas of engineering and particularly environmental engineering. For more about the environmental sequence, contact Dr. Michael Butkus at 845-938-2820.