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Welcome to GIS Program!

The military increasingly relies on geospatial technology and data to achieve information dominance on the battlefield. Examples include: GPS, satellite imagery, real-time force tracking, sensor integration, and massive geographic databases.

To dominate on the battlefield, the Army’s transformed fighting forces depend on leaders who understand the capabilities and limitations of geospatial technologies.

Majoring in Geospatial Information Science gives future Army Officers, regardless of branch, the knowledge set to leverage these tools when leading soldiers in our high tech digital Army.

The Geospatial Information Science Major is accredited by the United States Geospatial-Intelligence Foundation (USGIF).  We are a certified Center of Academic Excellence for Geospatial Sciences. 

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Geospatial Information Science courses are taught with extensive hands-on use of digital technology in the Geographic Science Laboratory (GSL) and in the field. Cadets use GPS, view and analyze satellite imagery, build map databases and produce maps with state of the art hardware and software. Click here to view the department catalog to find out more about each course.
Who should study GIS?

Cadets interested in the learning the science behind map making.
Cadets majoring in Geospatial Information Science receive a Space Activities Additional Skill Identifier (3Y) on their official military record.  

Foundation Courses  

  • EV377: Remote Sensing
  • EV378: Cartography
  • EV398: Geospatial Information Systems
  • EV477: Advanced Remote Operations
  • EV478: Geospatial Military Opertations
  • EV498: Advanced GIS 
  • EV379: Photogrammetry
  • EV380: Surveying

Our Partners

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency