Department of Geography & Environmental Engineering (GEnE)

Welcome Class of 2024!


We offer four majors in three disciplines (programs) that have unquestionable relevance for our Army and nation. The overarching theme is to better understand the world in which we live:                                                               

We offer a diverse group of majors and honors programs, which prepare cadets for service in the Army and encourage a lifetime of intellectual growth. These include:

  • Geography : the study of people, the natural environment, and their interaction.  Three tracks of study available.
  • Environmental Engineering: the application of engineering principles to improve and maintain the environment for the protection of human health and the environment.
  • Environmental Science: a multi-disciplinary, integrative, science-based study of how humans affect the planet with the goal of creating a sustainable future for all
  • Geospatial Information Science: the study of the integration and analysis of geospatial data including drone and satellite imagery, GPS, and map intelligence information.

Our majors and honors programs will prepare cadets for lifelong professions that are personally rewarding and important to our nation. Despite the continual changes in our Army and throughout the world, there are several constants that continue to serve as guideposts for our profession:

  • Understanding weather and terrain will always be among the keys to victory in battle and success during other military operations.
  • Understanding other people is necessary to preserve peace.
  • Understanding our Earth is critical for our future health and well-being.

These imperatives describe what we in the Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering offer to cadets, first in our core course in physical geography and continuing with our exciting majors, honors programs, and environmental engineering sequence. In some respects, our mission is the same as every academic department at West Point: to prepare cadets for a career in the Army and a lifetime of service to the nation. Each academic course has the objective of developing self-learners, problem solvers, and critical thinkers; all of which are attributes critical for success as a leader in the Army.

The options continue with a minor in Geography.  Explore regional cultures, remote sensing and our physical environment.  Talk to any of the esteemed faculty about how a minor in Geography will enhance your global knowledge and technical skill to succeed in your army! 



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