Cadets can preference summer opportunities and experiences beginning in late January via the Cadet Information System (CIS).  Selection and notification should occur in late February or early March.

Overseas opportunities require official (maroon) passports, which require submission of either a tourist (blue) passport or certified copy of your birth certificate. ​If you submit your tourist passport, you likely will not receive it back by Spring Break.

Summer Internships, Work-Studies,

Immersion and Enrichment Experiences

Experience academic opportunities outside the classroom!

Broaden your academic and professional horizons through our summer internship, work-study, and immersion and enrichment experiences.  These are amazing opportunities for immersion in a professional setting, diving further into academic interests, or introduction to new cultures, societies, or locations.  Review the advertisements for this upcoming summer in the menus below and contact the representatives listed.

We appreciate our partners that enable these opportunities, as well as those experiences funded via West Point Association of Graduates' Margin of Excellence program.

IAD #17214​

Title: EV399A – Geology Field Course​

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado (and other field locations across Colorado) ​

Sponsoring Agency: Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering​

Sponsoring GEnE Program: Environmental

Duration: 20 days (3 weeks)​

​Learn geology in the field! Conducted in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, this for-credit summer work-study substitutes in curriculum for Physical Geology (EV388A). Primary emphasis is on learning to identify minerals and rocks to then apply this knowledge to analyze and understand significant geologic processes. Topics include plate tectonics, geologic mapping, field methods, and mining and petroleum engineering. Cadets will be evaluated based on a field mapping project, Written Partial Reviews (WPR's), peer-led field discussions (similar to Staff Ride briefings), a final exam, and a graded field notebook. The prerequisite for this summer work-study is EV203. For information, contact LTC/P Ben Wallen at x5502 or, or Dr. Patrick Baker at x3540 or​

IAD #17219​

Title: DoD Humanitarian Assistance Projects Assessment (Kenya, Uganda​)

Location: Kenya and Uganda

Sponsoring Agency: Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering​

Sponsoring GEnE Program: Geography

Duration: approx. 16 days (2 weeks)​

This is a summer work-study opportunity for four Cadets in Kenya and Uganda in support of United States Africa Command's (AFRICOM) humanitarian assistance initiatives. The Department of Defense provides funding for Humanitarian Assistance (HA), Foreign Disaster Relief (FDR), and Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA) through the Overseas Humanitarian, Disaster, and Civic Aid (OHDACA) appropriation. Within AFRICOM, these projects are supervised by the Humanitarian Assistance branch. HA projects completed within the last five years must be evaluated on a biennial basis to ensure they are accomplishing their desired goals and reflect positively on the United States military. This inspection process is known as Country Program Monitoring (CPM). Cadets will perform several assessments in three countries in support of AFRICOM's CPM initiatives, while experiencing the cultures and landscapes of southern Africa. To express interest or obtain further information, contact CPT Ian Moss at ​

IAD #17224​

Title: The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency InnoVision Directorate​

Location: Fort Belvoir, Virginia​

Sponsoring Agency: National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) ​

Sponsoring GEnE Program: Geospatial Information Science

Duration: approx. 3 weeks​

​The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) is both the Department of Defense's and Intelligence Community's primary geospatial analysis and support organization. The InnoVision Directorate is NGA’s research and development (R&D) component. Cadets on this summer internship work with a geospatial research scientist on geospatial programs supporting warfighters in the field. This AIAD requires a TS-SCI clearance and therefore we select cadets for this AIAD in advance. NGA has two campuses; one is located 20 minutes south of Washington, D.C., in Springfield, Virginia, while the other is in St. Louis, Missouri. For more information or to be considered contact COL William Wright at x2063 or​

IAD #17225​

Title: Geospatial Engineering​

Location: Fort Belvoir, Virginia​

Sponsoring Agency: Army Geospatial Center, United States Army Corps of Engineers​

Sponsoring GEnE Program: Geospatial Information Science

Duration: approx. 3 weeks​

​The Army Geospatial Center (formerly known as the Topographic Engineering Center, or TEC) is located at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. It is the Army’s research and support center for geospatial technology. It is a research and development lab whose role is to test, field, and support geospatial equipment and concepts for the Army. They work with state-of-the-art technologies and equipment related to mapping, surveying, GIS, GPS, and remote sensing. Prerequisite for this summer internship is that the Cadet must have successfully completed Remote Sensing, GIS, and Cartography. For more information, contact CPT Victoria Gramlich at x0124 or

IAD #17227​

Title: 3D Visualization, Modeling, and Simulation Internship​

Location: Los Angeles, California

Sponsoring Agency: University of Southern California's Institute for Creative Technologies ​

Sponsoring GEnE Program: Geospatial Information Science

Duration: 3 weeks​

​Cadets will collaborate with researchers at the Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles, California. ICT is a Department of Defense-sponsored University Affiliated Research Center that brings together film and game industry artists with computer and social scientists to study and develop immersive media for military training, health therapies, education and more. In the past, Cadets have gained experience with the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)/drones to generate 3D models of real-world environments for virtual reality (VR) applications and simulations. For more information, contact Dr. Matt O’Banion at x2326 or ​

IAD #17228​

Title: Intelligent Environmental Battlespace Awareness (IEBA)​

Location:  Vicksburg, Mississippi, plus others​

Sponsoring Agency: United States Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)

Sponsoring GEnE Program: Geospatial Information Science

Duration: approx. 3 weeks

​Cadets will provide direct support to a global vegetation characterization project for the United States Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC). The team’s main focus is to generate a global layer of forest [ecological] analogs by applying machine learning to remotely sensed, geographic, and environmental data. This summer internship will be split in to three parts: 1) a tour of the ERDC offices being introduced to the offices and personnel conducting research and the equipment they use; 2) hands on forest and ground data collection to support the classification algorithm; and, 3) tours of the Air and Space museum and ERDC's Geospatial Research Laboratory (GRL). Through this summer internship, cadets will get exposure to real-world applications of remote sensing and ground classification and have the opportunity to build a network that can support future research and honors projects. For more information, contact CPT Carter Kelly at x3938 or

IAD #17253

Title: Environmental Field Science on West Point​

Location: West Point, New York, and the Hudson Valley​

Sponsoring Agency: Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering ​

Sponsoring GEnE Program: Environmental

Duration: approx. 2 weeks​

​Cadets will work with a senior faculty advisor on a research project within the local area. Previous projects have focused on Ground Penetrating Radar locating and characterizing buried structures dating back to the Revolutionary War, soil lead projects, and ecology/aquatic science projects like acoustic monitoring and microplastic characterizations. If you are considering a particular project you will need to discuss it with a faculty mentor to determine the viability as a research design. For information, contact MAJ Missy Moorehouse at x2588 or​

IAD #17260​

Title: Data Science for the Real-World: Water Engineering​

Location: Golden, Colorado, and West Point, New York​

Sponsoring: National Science Foundation's Mo(Wa)2TER program​

Sponsoring GEnE Program: Environmental

Duration: 10 days

​Modern scientists and engineers need to be able to apply modern tools to real-world data, which more-often-than-not does not follow the conventional assumptions taught in introductory statistics courses. This summer work-study will teach Cadets to improve their data analysis and programming skills with the R language and envision using these tools in their future careers in environmental engineering. In mid-June, a multi-institutional workshop will be held in Golden, Colorado, for a “crash course” in environmental data science in R. After the workshop, Cadets will return to West Point to work with a faculty advisor on an environmental data science problem of their choosing. For information, contact Dr. Newhart at 720-253-6323 or

IAD #17261​

Title: Waste-to-Energy through Anaerobic Digestion ​

Location: Chantilly, Virginia

Sponsoring Agency: ITility

Sponsoring GEnE Program: Environmental

Duration: approx. 21 days (3 weeks)​

​Cadets will spend three weeks gaining hands-on experience working with anaerobic digesters designed to generate renewable energy (via methane production) from organic waste feedstocks. Cadets will also learn digester design techniques, operation approaches, performance characterization (e.g., organic removal and methane generation), and relevant microbiological techniques. This summer internship is sponsored by ITility, LLC, which is an Academy graduate-led company providing support to the Department of Defense in numerous areas, to include renewable energy from organic wastes. Cadets will spend time between two anaerobic digester projects in Northern Virginia and Maryland during the summer internship. For more information, contact LTC Andy Pfluger at x2930 or  ​

IAD #17262​

Title: Installations, Energy and Environment Internship ​

Location: Pentagon, Washington, DC

Sponsoring Agency: Assistant Secretary of the Army (ASA) for ​Installations, Energy and Environment​

Sponsoring GEnE Program: Environmental

Duration: approx. 21 days (3 weeks)​

​An in-depth 3-week experience in the Pentagon, where Cadets will learn how the Army addresses sustainability,​ resilience, and climate-related issues at a strategic level. This summer internship is open to Cadets from any major who are interested in energy and environment topic areas. Cadets will interface with many higher-level DoD and Army leaders during the experience, as well as work on discrete projects as needed by the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and Environment (ASA IE&E). For more information, contact LTC Andy Pfluger at x2930 or  ​

IAD #17268

Title: United States Forest Service​

Location: Various

Sponsoring Agency: United States Department of Agriculture​

Sponsoring GEnE Program: Environmental

Duration: approx. 14 to 21 days (2 to 3 weeks)​

​The Forest Service, part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is a multi-faceted agency that protects and manages 154 national forests and grasslands in 44 states and Puerto Rico, and is the world’s largest forestry research organization. Forest Service experts provide technical and financial help to state and local government agencies, businesses, and private landowners to help protect and manage non-federal forest and associated range and watershed lands. The Forest Service develops partnerships with many public and private agencies to augment work planting trees, improving trails, providing education on conservation and fire prevention, and improving conditions in wildland/urban interfaces and rural areas. The Forest Service also promotes sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation internationally. The mission of the Forest Service is to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the Nation’s forests and grasslands to meet the needs of present and future generations. Prerequisites for this summer internship are to have a strong interest in the environment, and to enjoy the outdoors. The dates for this summer internship are flexible. For more information, contact Dr. Patrick Baker at x3540 or​

IAD #17272

Title: Saxavord Space Port​

Location: Unst, Scotland/United Kingdom​

Sponsoring Agency: ​

Sponsoring GEnE Program: Environmental

Duration: ​approx. 21 days (3 weeks)

​A jointly-developed summer internship administratively managed by the Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering. Saxavord Space Port hopes to be Europe’s “Green SpacePort.” Cadets will participate in a large-scale passive acoustic survey with terrestrial and marine sensors to describe background noise levels, the acoustic signature of the launch, and attendant changes in the behavior or ecology of focal species. For more information, contact Dr. Baker at x3540 or​

IAD #17273​

Title: Severe Weather Preparedness and Training

Location: Various​

Sponsoring Agency: Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering

Sponsoring GEnE Program: Geography

Duration: approx. 3 weeks​

This multi-faceted, interdisciplinary project conducted in concert with Cadets will first involve the examination of severe weather preparedness exercises between military installations and local communities at multiple military installations in an effort to identify best practices. Further, this summer enrichment experience will involve both the prediction and observation of severe weather across the Plains of the United States. The summer enrichment experience will serve as a tremendous development opportunity for both Cadets and faculty alike, and will involve important, interdisciplinary research resulting in an update to a project submitted to the Air Force Weather Operations Directorate which identified a list of best practices for severe weather preparedness at Department of Defense installations most at risk for severe weather impacts. To express interest or obtain further information, contact Dr. Adam Kalkstein at x3403 or​

IAD #17281​

Title: Surveying Ground Truth for Helicopter Landing Zone (HLZ) Analysis​

Location: Numerous, TBD​

Sponsoring Agency: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) ​

Sponsoring GEnE Program: Geospatial Information Science

Duration: approx. 3 weeks​

​On this summer work-study, Cadets will travel to different areas which may include Alaska, Hawaii, Washington state, and California to collect field data in support of an NGA-funded research project. Cadets on this work-study will work with a United States Military Academy faculty member and a geospatial research scientist on real-world geospatial issues (HLZ modeling). For more information or to be considered contact COL William Wright at x2063 or​

IAD #17297

Title: High Efficiency Plasma for Battery Recycling​

Location: North Andover, Massachusetts (also possible for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)​

Sponsoring Agency: 6K, Inc​.

Sponsoring GEnE Program: Environmental

Duration: approx. 21 days (3 weeks)​

​6K, Inc. is a leader in plasma technologies applied to end of life-cycle metal recycling. Their battery division, based in North Andover, Massachusetts, aims to convert used electronic waste, recycle it, and establish a domestic source of rare earth metals such as Lithium. Cadets with interest in the circular economy, additive manufacturing, and battery chemistry would benefit from this summer internship. For information, contact LTC Dennis Sugrue at

IAD #17354

Title: Israel through the Strategy and Policy Lens Tour ​

Location: Israel, including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Golan, the Dead Sea, Negev Desert ​

Sponsoring Agency: The MirYam Institute​

Sponsoring GEnE Program: Geography​

Duration: June 3-18

​Sponsored by the MirYam Institute, Cadets will travel to Poland and then continue to Israel. Participants will participate in substantive policy briefings by current and former policy makers within the State of Israel. On-site briefings by Israeli leaders and practitioners afford delegates the opportunity to contextualize the subjects often discussed in the international press and to explore them with those who played a role in developing policy. Question and answer sessions will take place following each briefing in order to provide ample opportunity for participants to explore and refine the subjects at hand. A rich, cultural immersion within Israel will form a key aspect of the tour, supplementing the daily policy briefings. Each Cadet is required to produce a travel journal and a series of reaction papers on the in-country briefings. Prerequisites for this summer immersion are an interview and country clearance. Interested cadets should contact MAJ Aaron Korman at x0073 or

IAD #17355​

Title: Civil Affairs/Psychological Operations​

Location: Fort Bragg, North Carolina​

Sponsored by: 95th Civil Affairs Brigade and 8th Psychological Operations Group ​

Sponsoring GEnE Program: Center for the Study of Civil-Military Affairs (CSCMO)

Duration: approx. 21 days (3 weeks)​

This is an opportunity for Cadets to intern with units of the US Army Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Civil Affairs Brigade teams work with U.S Department of State country teams, government and nongovernmental organizations at all levels and with local populations in peaceful, contingency and hostile environments. Psychological Operations conducts influence activities to target psychological vulnerabilities and create or intensify fissures, confusion, and doubt in adversary organizations. Cadets are expected to participate in specific training that can and will include both conventional and Special Operations Forces methods, including but not limited to exposure to language training, basic and advanced small arms marksmanship, combatives, Key Leader Engagement (KLE) training, and myriad tactical field work that can, and often does, affect operational lines of effort. To express interest or obtain further information, contact CPT Alex Pytlar at  ​

IAD #17356​

Title: Development Transformations Institute​

Location: Washington, DC​

Sponsoring Agency: United States Institute for Peace (USIP)​

Sponsoring GEnE Program: Center for the Study of Civil-Military Affairs (CSCMO)

Duration: 21 days (3 weeks)​

This is a summer internship opportunity for four Cadets at Development Transformations (DT) Institute in Washington, DC. DT Institute, a non-profit organization, serves as both a funder and an implementer for development projects worldwide. It is focused on co-creation, co-investment, measurable impact, and sustainability. It is in the Institute’s DNA to be bold, enter early, and stay true to the communities and organizations in which it invests. The Institute's staff are long-term collaborators who work with their partners and beneficiaries to skillfully adapt to the constantly shifting kaleidoscope of on-the-ground realities. DT works across the spectrum of the Civil-Military domain to promote peace and prosperity for all people. To express interest or obtain further information, contact CPT Alex Pytlar at  ​

IAD #17359

Title: Carbon Storage on Military Reservations​

Location: West Point, New York​

Sponsoring Agency: United States Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)​

Sponsoring GEnE Program: Geospatial Information Science

Duration: approx. 3 weeks​

​Cadets will work with the Engineer Research and Development Center's (ERDC) Geospatial Research Laboratory (GRL) to measure carbon sequestration in the forests here at the United States Military Academy (USMA). This will be in direct support of the GRL's land cover classification initiative and will involve working with both remote sensing data (lab environment) and ground truth data (field environment) to meet the needs of the client organization. The project will be split into three phases: needs analysis, digital data collection, and field data collection. The needs analysis phase will consist of online meetings to assess project requirements. Data collection will also take place at USMA, where the cadet will acquire imagery of their identified study areas and go out to the field and collect measurements in accordance with GRL guidance. This flexible and practical summer internship is optimal for any cadet with GIS experience that needs to be at West Point during the summer, but wants to participate in the summer internship program. For more information, contact CPT Carter Kelly at x3938 or​

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