Digital History Center Partners

The following organizations have partnered with the Digital History Center by providing invaluable knowledge, talent, and material:

Center for Oral History

The mission of the West Point Center for Oral History (COH) is to record, preserve, and present the stories of soldiers, statesmen, and others who have influenced the profession of arms, in order to inspire, educate, and develop cadets, enhance the public’s understanding of the experience of the soldier, and create new primary source material for scholars. Unlike many oral history programs, the COH provides content that includes both audio and video components, enabling viewers not only to hear the speaker’s tone, emphasis, and cadence, but also to observe body language and facial gestures indicating introspection or amusement, adding a powerful emotional element to the user experience.

Material Culture Studies

Material Culture Studies serves as a conduit between the West Point Museum and the Department of History, and seeks to leverage its unparalleled collection to enhance historical perspectives for both cadets and faculty alike. With access to the Museum’s rare and plentiful artifacts, material culture enables our instructors by taking history out of the books and placing it directly into the hands of cadets in the classroom. From weaponry, authentic replicas, uniforms, and thousands of other irreplaceable items made accessible by the professionals at the West Point Museum, Material Culture works hard to ensure instructors in the History Department are limited only by their imaginations in terms of what they bring to the classroom to enhance cadet development.

United States Military Academy Band

The extremely skilled and talented members of the West Point Band have worked with the Digital History Center to record historical songs and instrumental music that has been incorporated into The West Point History of Warfare. We are working to add to the repertoire and present the music, along with supporting historical texts, in other formats, as well.

United States Military Academy Black History Project

The Black History Project (BHP) at West Point is proud to partner with the Digital History Center. The main effort of the BHP is to educate and research, principally about the black experience at West Point and in the armed forces more broadly. The Digital History Center provides an exciting and effective new medium for cadet and faculty research alike, as well as for developing accessible, interactive, and immersive BHP-related resources for use in several Department of History core and elective courses.

West Point Museum

The West Point Museum has an extraordinary collection of artifacts and artworks. Collaboration with the Museum has enabled the Digital History Center to create widgets that match textual descriptions of the equipment of soldiers of various eras with photographs of their equipment and uniforms. The Museum has also provided high-quality images of original artwork, including pieces drawn or painted by soldiers, that has been included in The West Point History of Warfare.

Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

The mission of the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies (CHGS) at West Point is to instill within current and future officers an in-depth understanding of genocide and mass atrocity and to inspire them to think creatively about prevention.  The CHGS operates as an inter-service hub, linking all branches of the Armed Forces with academic institutions, government agencies and non-governmental entities world-wide, empowering current and future leaders to think deeply about the causes, contexts, and consequences of genocide while instilling a profound sense of history, ethics, and responsibility.