Material Culture Studies at West Point


Students gather around a museum object during a lesson. Students observe 18th century uniforms. Students observe a large manuscript.


Material Culture Studies at West Point provides a vital material link between the classroom of the present and the experience of the past that supports the education and inspiration of commissioned leaders of character. 


The West Point The West Point Department of History is uniquely situated to develop as a leader in the field of material culture studies because of our immediate access to a rich array of material resources.  From Trophy Point to the Long Grey Line, from the Hudson River Valley to Cullum Hall, Material Culture Studies at West Point aims to secure an enduring place in the collective historical imagination of our nation through its distinct material culture.


Enhance pedagogy across the Department of History through the integration of material culture into the classroom by partnering with course directors and the West Point Museum to develop teaching collections for all Department of History courses.
Encourage diverse Cadet scholarship while supporting and highlighting Cadet research projects which utilize material culture as primary sources.
Increase interdisciplinary partnerships and projects across the Academy by collaborating with other departments to provide material culture solutions that support Cadet learning.

Material Culture in the Classroom

Drive on Germany and Ending the War in Europe by Kevin S. Malmquist

Teaching the Fall of the Soviet Union by Kelsey Rice

The Regular and Militia Traditions by Justine Meberg

World War One Trench Warfare by Edwin den Harder

America and the Vietnam War by Kevin Malmquist

Civil War Motivations by Justine Meberg

Women in the US Army by Justine Meberg

The Mexican War: Myth-Making in Sister Republics by Justine Meberg