History Staff and Faculty

Department Heads

COL Gail Yoshitani

Department Head

Staff And Faculty

CPT Wyatt Brown

Instructor, Military Division Counselor

Dr. Michael Cangemi

Assistant Professor, Postdoctoral Fellow in History and Atrocity Studies

Dr. Kirsten Cooper

Assistant Professor, Postdoctoral Fellow in History and Atrocity Studies

LTC Brian Drohan

Academy Professor, International Division Chief

MAJ Jess Engel

Instructor, Department of History Head Counselor

Mr. Sherman Fleek

Instructor / USMA Command Historian

Dr. David Frey

Professor, Director Center Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Dr. Michael Geheran

Assistant Professor, Deputy Director, Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies

Dr. David Gioe

Associate Professor, History Fellow, Army Cyber Institute

Ms. Krista Hennen

Administrative Officer

MAJ Rose Horswill

Assistant Professor, Military Division Executive Officer

MAJ Darren Johnson

Instructor, Military Division Counselor

LTC Rory McGovern

Academy Professor, American Division Chief

MAJ Colin McNulty

Instructor, Historian-in-Residence

MAJ Tom McShea

Instructor, American Division Executive Officer

COL Jason Musteen

Academy Professor, HI101: The Army of the Republic: Leading Citizen Soldiers Program Director

LTC Nadine Ross

Academy Professor , Chief of Faculty Development and Talent Management

MAJ Jessica Rudo

Instructor, International Division Executive Officer

MAJ Kristofer Seibt

Instructor, International Division Counselor

LTC (R) David R. Siry

Assistant Professor , Director of the Center for Oral History

MAJ Charlotte Stutz

Instructor, American Division Counselor

LTC John Zdeb

Assistant Professor, Department Executive Officer