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Recent Faculty Publications


Law Faculty Publications

Christopher Hartley, Under the Istrian Sun: Navigating International Law Solutions for the Slovania-Croatia Maritime Border Dispute, Boston University International Law Journal (2020).

Michael Schmitt & Hitoshi Nasu, A Threat or A Warning: Russia’s Weapons Testing in Space, Just Security (July 31, 2020).

Michael Schmitt, COVID-19 and International Law, Directions: Cyber Digital Europe (July 1, 2020).

Dan Maurer, The Generals' Constitution, Just Security (June 9, 2020). 

Dan Maurer, The 'Shadow Report' on Commanders' Prosecutorial Powers Raises More Questions Than Answers, Lawfare (May 11, 2020). 

Christopher Hartley, Double Fault: How the NCAA No-Agent Rule Serves Legal and Policy Errors into the Courts of Tennis, Arkansas Law Review (2020). 

Tom Oakley, Through the Looking Glass: Re-Imagining Legal and Legitimate Force in the Contemporary Operating Environment, Southwestern Journal of International Law (2020). 

Michael Schmitt & Durward Johnson, Iranian Gunboat Harassment and the Rules of Engagement, Just Security (May 7, 2020).

Michael Schmitt, The Defense Department’s Measured Take on International Law in Cyberspace, Just Security (March 11, 2020).

Michael Schmitt & Kieran Tinkler, War in Space: How International Humanitarian Law Might Apply, Just Security (March 9, 2020).

Michael Schmitt, Norm-Skepticism in Cyberspace? Counter-factual and Counterproductive, Just Security (Feb. 28, 2020).

David Wallace & Shane Reeves, Protecting Critical Infrastructure in Cyber Warfare: Is It Time for States to Reassert Themselves?, U.C. Davis Law Review (2020).

Shane Reeves & Winston Williams, Was the Soleimani Killing an Assassination?, Lawfare (Jan. 17, 2020). 

Michael Schmitt, Taming the Lawless Void: Tracking the Evolution of International Law Rules for Cyberspace, Texas National Security Review (2020).

Michael Schmitt & Yuval Shany, An International Attribution Mechanism for Hostile Cyber Operations, International Law Studies (2020).

Michael Schmitt, International Humanitarian Law and the Targeting of Non-State Intelligence Personnel and Objects, Duke Journal of International and Comparative Law (2020).

Michael Schmitt, International Humanitarian Law and the Conduct of Hostilities, in The Oxford Guide to International Humanitarian Law (Dapo Akande & Ben Saul eds., Oxford University Press, 2020).

Shane Reeves, Winston Williams & Amy McCarthy, How Do You Like Me Now? Hamdan v. Rumsfeld and the Legal Justifications for Global Targeting, University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law (2019).

Michael Schmitt, NATO Collective Defense at 70: Confession and Response Revisited, Emory International Law Review (2019).

Michael Schmitt, Wired Warfare 3.0: Protecting the Civilian Population during Cyber Operations, International Review of the Red Cross (2019).

Michael Schmitt and Jeffrey Biller, Classification of Cyber Capabilities and Operations as Weapons, Means, or Methods of Warfare, International Law Studies (2019).

Michael Schmitt and Michael Schauss, Uncertainty in the Law of Targeting: Towards a Cognitive Framework, Harvard National Security Journal (2019).

Dan Maurer, Should There Be a War Crime Pardon Exception?, Lawfare (Dec. 3, 2019). 

Dan Maurer, What Lt. Col. Vindman's Testimony Says About Civil-Military Relations and Military Justice, Lawfare (Nov. 18, 2019). 

Ron Alcala, Rule of Law and Human Rights in Military Stability Operations: Clarifying the Military's Role in Rule of Law Development, Department of Justice Journal of Federal Law & Practice (Nov. 2019). 

Michael Schmitt, The Netherlands Releases a Tour de Force on International Law in Cyberspace, Just Security (Oct. 14, 2019).

Michael Schmitt. France Speaks Out on IHL and Cyber Operations: Part II, European Journal of International Law: Talk! (Oct. 1, 2019).

Michael Schmitt, France Speaks Out on IHL and Cyber Operations: Part I, European Journal of International Law: Talk! (Sept. 30, 2019).

Shane Reeves & Ron Alcala, Five Legal Takeaways from the Syrian War, Harvard National Security Journal (Sep. 30, 2019). 

David Wallace, Amy McCarthy & Mark Visger, Peeling Back the Onion of Cyber Espionage after Tallinn 2.0, University of Maryland Law Review (2019). 

Eugene Gregory, Ronald Alcala & Shane Reeves, Chinese Fazhi and the International Order, Harvard International Review (2019). 

E. Corrie Westbrook Mack & Shane R. Reeves, Tethering the Law of Armed Conflict to Operational Practice: "Organized Armed Group" Membership in the Age of ISIS, Berkeley Journal of International Law (2019).

Michael Schmitt, France’s Major Statement on International Law and Cyber: An Assessment, Just Security (Sept. 16, 2019).

Michael Schmitt, The U.N. Yemen Report and Siege Warfare, Just Security (Sept. 12, 2019) (with Kieran Tinkler and Durward Johnson).

Michael Schmitt, Top Expert Backgrounder: Aborted U.S. Strike, Cyber Operation Against Iran and International Law, Just Security (June 24, 2019).


Recent Faculty Presentations


Faculty Panel Discussion

Dan Maurer, Panelist: "U.S.-Iran Relations After Soleimani Strike," Modern War Institute's Interdisciplinary Panel, West Point (Jan. 2020). 

Shane Reeves, Presenter: "The Law of Armed Conflict in a Communication Degraded Environment," 3rd Fleet Legal Conference, Navy Base Point Loma, San Diego (Jan. 2020)

Dan Maurer, Presenter: "Toward a Post Bellum Lieber Code?: 7 Principles of Prosecution - of Crime and (Post) War," 2019 Conference on Ethics of War and Peace, West Point (Oct. 2019). 

Shane Reeves, Moderator and Panelist: "International Law & Cyber Engagement," Sixth Annual Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare, Columbia University (Oct. 2019).

Shane Reeves, Lecturer: "A Discussion on the Law of Armed Conflict," University of California Berkeley Law School (Oct. 2019).

Shane Reeves, Presenter: "How the Law of Armed Conflict Will Develop Going Forward," Seventh Annual Transatlantic Workshop on International Law and Armed Conflict, West Point (June 2019).

Rob Barnsby, Presenter: "Why Certain States Are Happy to Have Cyber Attacks Attributed to Them," International Conference on Cyber Conflict, Tallinn, Estonia (May 2019). 

Shane Reeves, Panel Moderator, Third Annual Defense Forces International Conference on the Law of Armed Conflict, Tel Aviv, Israel (May 2019).

Robert Lawless, Panelist, Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights Conference, Stanford Law School (May 2019). 

Shane Reeves, Discussant: "Precautions: Principles, Practice, and Protections," United States Army Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School, Charlottesville, Virginia (May 2019). 

Winston Williams, Panelist: "Careers in Government and the Military for Law School Graduates," University of Tennessee College of Law (Feb. 2019). 

Shane Reeves, Presenter: "Cyber Attacks against Critical Infrastructure during Armed Conflict: A Need for Heightened Protections," Brigham Young University Law School Conference (Feb. 2019). 

Ron Alcala & Shane Reeves, Panelists: "Leadership in Law, Business, and National Security," George Washington University Law School (Jan. 2019).