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Our typical applicant should be in their 4-6th year of service (i.e. year group = current year - 5). Here's a typical timeline for an officer we would be considering this year:

  • Summer/Fall of the current year: Begins command / their branch-equivalent assignment.
  • January: Receives notification of selection for PANE faculty. 
  • October-December (current year +1): Applies to graduate schools.
  • January-March (current year +2): Is admitted to and selects a graduate school.
  • Spring (current year +2)(or sooner): Successfully completes KD assignment.
  • Summer (current year +2): PCS to graduate school.
  • Fall (current year +2)-Spring (current year +4): Attends graduate school.
  • Summer (current year +4): Permanent change of station (PCS) to West Point and completes New Instructor Training
  • Fall (current year +4)-Spring (current year +7): Teaches in PANE
  • Summer (current year +7): PCS to follow-on assignment

The only definitive timeline requirement is that you must complete your CPT KD assignment prior to attending graduate school.  Aside from that, everyone's timelines are unique.  To discuss your specific timeline question, please contact PANE Faculty Recruiting 

Most are, but in the past waivers have occasionally been granted to truncate an assignment to two years, or to grant a fourth year.  

All first-year instructors begin by teaching in the core physics program, which is responsible for Physics I and Physics II.  From there, you can either remain in the core as a course director or branch out to the nuclear engineering, space science, or advanced physics programs according to your background and interests.

Your first summer at West Point will be spent in a rigorous New Instructor Training.  As part of this program, you will get many opportunities to teach classes in Physics I and receive feedback from your peers and other experienced faculty members.  This program has historically done a great job in producing competent and confident instructors.

We've had instructors transition from many other STEM disciplines, as well disciplines outside of the traditional STEM fields such as history.  If you have a passion to get a graduate degree in one of our disciplines, we will work with you!

  1. Excellent character and the ability to mentor Cadets both in and out of the classroom.
  2. A history of superb performance as an Army Officer (the officer must also be capable of being KD complete by the Spring of 2024).
  3. The ability of the officer to earn a degree in physics, nuclear engineering, or a closely related field.

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