About the Department of Social Sciences


SOSH Faculty on the first day of class


The Department of Social Sciences at West Point educates, develops, and inspires cadets to serve the U.S. Army as commissioned leaders of character through core courses and academic majors in economics, American politics, and international affairs, interdisciplinary minors in Terrorism Studies and Grand Strategy, and related cadet development activities.  Our outreach and external engagement reflect the central importance of the disciplines we teach to the crafting and implementation of national security strategy and policy.  We connect current and future Army leaders with distinguished scholars and practitioners through guest lectures, course trips, internships, cultural immersion opportunities, the annual Student Conference on United States Affairs, and Senior Conference.  Our cadet clubs and Advanced Individual Academic Development (AIAD) opportunities play a vital role in promoting civil-military engagement and broadening the perspectives of our cadets. 

We also contribute to our disciplines and to policy debates through research, publishing, and outreach.  Our Office of Economic and Manpower Analysis and Combating Terrorism Center serve as key bridges between the Army and the best available thought on policy-relevant questions, wherever it may reside.  Together our cadets, our military and civilian faculty, and our alums constitute a talented community of people dedicated to helping the Army and the country address our most critical national security challenges.

For more information on the Department, please see our annually-updated publication "Teaching in the Department of Social Sciences."