Cadet Clubs & Activities

Debate Club

The West Point Policy Debate Team competes in Policy and Public Debates against colleges and universities across the United States.  The team also participates in the Annual Commander in Speech Competition against the Naval Academy and Air Force Academy.  During the 2018-19 Season Army teams won the Novice National Championship and placed 7th in the Cross-Examination Debate Associations (CEDA) National Sweepstakes.  For more information please visit the Army Debate Facebook page or contact the OIC, MAJ Todd Graham

Domestic Affairs Forum (DAF)

The Domestic Affairs Forum is a political science club sponsored by the Department of Social Sciences. The purpose of the club is to enhance cadets’ understanding of domestic politics and government by allowing cadets to discuss important issues with various government officials and leaders of public institutions related to government. For more information, contact the OIC, CPT Jacob Barnes.

Academic Individual Advanced Development (AIAD)

We administer a variety of international and domestic summer enrichment programs for cadets throughout the Academy. We place cadets around the developing world to work with NGOs on community development projects. These experiences increase our cadets' cross-cultural competences while also teaching them about human security issues.  Additionally, we provide cadets opportunities to travel OCONUS (outside continental US) to participate in academic courses, perform research, and conduct internships at some of the world's most renowned institutions. We also offer a variety of domestic internship programs that provide our cadets with unique opportunities to expand their institutional knowledge of American politics, national security, and defense economics by working with some of our Nation's most distinguished leaders in these enterprises. For more information, visit the AIAD website or contact Mrs. Jennifer P. Olin.

International Affairs Forum (IAF)

The International Affairs Forum gathers the West Point team and social science experts to enhance the understanding of the factors that affect state behavior. For more information, contact the OIC, MAJ Amanda Monaghan.

Finance Club

The mission of the West Point Finance Club is to provide cadets with practical, hands-on experience in investing as an extension of their classroom experience while taking classes within the finance curriculum in the Department of Social Sciences. The desired end state is that participation in the club provides these cadets with real-world experience and practitioner knowledge of portfolio management using fundamental investing principles, observing markets, and understanding how the finance industry operates. For more information, contact the OIC, CPT Rachel Kim.

Financial Literacy Program

Our economics and finance faculty conduct various educational outreach activities for cadets throughout the year. The purpose of these activities is to increase the personal financial literacy among cadets. This program teaches cadets about managing budgets, saving for retirement, and diversified investing. For more information, contact MAJ Justin Erwin.

Model UN

The Model UN offers an excellent opportunity for students around the globe to interact with cadets. Most of the conferences entail simulations which address contemporary international security and socio-economic issues. Cadets participate by representing (simulating) country and committee delegations. For more information, contact the OIC, CPT Katelyn Radack.

Graduate Scholarship Program

Selected cadets engage in a multi-year and multidimensional structured curriculum that cultivates self and worldly awareness, critical thinking, writing and speaking skills, and thoughtful understanding of the most pressing issues in and outside the Army. For more information, visit the Graduate Scholarship Program website contact Dr. Joshua King or MAJ Kathryn Hedgecock.