2020 Scholarship Winners

Rhodes Scholarship

Daine Van de Wall. Born and raised in Glenelg, Maryland, Daine Van de Wall is a systems decisions and sciences major at the United States Military Academy. As the First Captain, or the highest-ranking cadet at West Point, Daine is responsible for leading the over 4,500 students which comprise the Corps of Cadets. During his time at West Point, Daine has pursued numerous military and leadership experiences. As the Command Sergeant Major for Cadet Field Training, Daine planned, implemented, and led a 6-week summer training exercise for over 1,500 cadets. He has graduated the United States Army Airborne School and the coveted United States Army Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) School which focuses on training Special Forces soldiers to both evade capture and resist interrogation. Daine’s passion for fitness has manifested itself through participation on West Point’s military skills competition team and in CrossFit, ultimately resulting in a Brigade CrossFit Championship during his time as an exchange student at the United States Naval Academy. In the classroom, Daine has pursued a wide variety of interests including the areas of decision analysis and comparative politics. His senior capstone will leverage systems dynamics to model how strategic placement of women in military and political leadership positions in Africa may contribute to political stability on the continent. Daine will commission as an infantry officer and combine his military background with his interests in conflict studies to help shape U.S. foreign policy in the future.

2019 Scholarship Winners

Marshall Scholarship

David Bindon. Hailing from Canton, Michigan, David Bindon is the Brigade Commander, or First Captain, of 4,491 cadets at West Point. While studying mechanical engineering, David has completed a number of technical projects: fluid dynamics analysis in urban and rural landscapes; a written primer for future cadets’ use in summiting the learning curve associated with his research; and porting flight software to cheaper, faster, and commercially-available single board computers for the Joint Precision Airdrop System used in the theater of war. Aside from his academic pursuits, David largely dedicates his time to the development of others. He has served in various leadership positions, ranging from a mentor for 22 high schoolers interested in the Academy to the commander of 1,430 cadets in a crucible summer training experience. In his career, David hopes to become an Aviation officer and apply his approach to technical problem-solving and his capacity for leadership toward tackling the nation’s most meaningful pursuits in the military and beyond. David is a Marshall Scholar.

Robert Drummond. Hailing from Haymarket, Virginia, Robert Drummond is a civil engineering major at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Robert has conducted two summer internships at the Defense Intelligence Agency in Washington, D.C. where he rewrote the Agency’s blast modeling code, completed a year-long project modeling the effects of blast loads on underground structures, and conducted a Finite Element (FE) structural analysis that will be used to support the creation of a new FE branch. Robert has also travelled with the Chemical and Mechanical Engineering Club to gain an understanding of infrastructure development work throughout Peru. Robert hopes to combine his interests in sustainable engineering and international development to make an impact on the global infrastructure as an Engineer officer in the United States Army. Robert is a Marshall Scholar.

Madeline Schneider. Raised in Darien, Connecticut, Madeleine Schneider is a double major in computer science and mathematical sciences at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Outside of the classroom Madeleine participated in three years of Division I Track and Field and held multiple leadership roles within her academic company. During the summer of 2017 Madeleine worked at Lawrence Livermore National Labs with the Cyber Defenders program and during the summer of 2018 she conducted research with the National Security Agency. Madeleine will continue her research focus this year with three separate research projects to include network security with machine learning, statistical analysis of machine learning bias, and parallel computing in the analysis of big data. Madeleine hopes to continue pursuing her research interests in machine learning to better prepare herself for a career as an Army Cyber officer. Madeleine is a Marshall Scholar.

Schwarzman Scholarship

Kevin Colton. Raised in Johns Creek, Georgia, Kevin Colton is pursuing a major in economics and a minor in cyber security at the United States Military Academy. Interested in foreign affairs, he spent two years as a service volunteer in Japan teaching weekly English classes and assisting in natural disaster relief efforts. As a cadet, Kevin has represented West Point at the International Cadet Conference hosted by the National Defense Academy of Japan and participated in the joint West Point-Yale Peace and Dialogue Leadership Initiative in Israel. In graduate school, Kevin hopes to study the impact of religion on modern warfare and apply that knowledge as both an Engineer Officer and a future Foreign Area Officer. Kevin is a Schwarzman Scholar.

Eva Gould. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Eva Gould studies economics and Chinese at the United States Military Academy at West Point. From volunteering as an English tutor during her semester abroad in Taiwan, to experience with refugee aid distribution in northern France, Eva has focused her undergraduate career on building up organizations to help others. At West Point’s Summer Leaders Experience, Eva oversaw the discipline and welfare of over 1,100 cadets and high school students and now plans training and operations for over 1,200 cadets as a Regimental Operations Officer. Eva hopes to join the Infantry and combine her interest in development economics and her military leadership skills to help reconstruct post-conflict societies. Eva is a Schwarzman Scholar.



2018 Scholarship Winners

Rhodes Scholarship

Simone Askew serves as First Captain at the United States Military Academy and majors in International History. Last summer, she led 1,502 Cadets as the Regimental Commander of Cadet Basic Training II, and she currently leads 4,400 Cadets as the first ever African-American female First Captain. Outside of the curriculum, Simone spends her time rowing for the Army West Point Crew team and developing leaders as the Cadet-in-Charge of the Elevation Initiative. Moreover, Simone has travelled to DC, San Diego, Virginia, and New York to facilitate conferences on both leadership, ethics, and STEM to middle and high school students. As co-founder of the Joint Service Academy Mass Atrocity Prevention Symposium, Simone has also organized an annual conference at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Additionally, Simone was the President of the Cultural Affairs Seminar in 2017 and a high school YoungLife leader for West Point youth. 

Marshall Scholarship

Joy Schaeffer studies International History and French while training to be an Army officer. She enjoys studying French colonialism and national memory and plans to write her senior thesis on Vietnamese post-colonial memory of World War One. Passionate about building teams and realizing potential, Joy has enjoyed training new cadets in Cadet Basic Training, overseeing the development of 27 cadets as platoon sergeant, and leading the worship band in the Officer’s Christian Fellowship. Joy enjoys marathon running, singing in the West Point Glee Club, playing piano and learning about other cultures. She also loves speaking French and studied for a semester abroad at the French Military Academy. She looks forward to becoming a military intelligence officer. After her service in the Army, Joy hopes to work for freedom and justice on behalf of children trafficked around the world.

Schwarzman Scholarship

Megan Bryn is an International Affairs major at West Point. At the Academy, Megan has focused her academic and leadership development on global affairs and combating terrorism. As a Division I volleyball player, Megan embraced the opportunity to empower her teammates to reach their potential on and off the court, and was recognized her junior year as one of the nation’s top student-athletes. This year she is motivated by a similar desire to bring out the best in others as the B4 Company Commander. Undertaking a team project for the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment, Megan analyzed long-term relations among great-powers and briefed policy recommendations for the Secretary of Defense. Megan's current research aims to explore the challenges and opportunities of intelligence-sharing and coalition-building and address the potential for more synchronized long-term counter-terrorism strategies. Megan will serve as a Military Intelligence Officer in the United States Army and continue to lead and work at the nexus of intelligence, defense policy, and diplomacy.

Netteange (“Nette”) Monaus majors in Sociology and French at the United States Military Academy. Both of her parents were born in Haiti, and she strives to stay connected to this important part of her history by taking mission trips to Haiti and learning the French and Creole languages. Nette organized the West Point Cadet Gospel Choir’s first outreach mission to Haiti, where officers and cadets worked in orphanages, built homes, and distributed goods to Haitian families. As co-creator of the Joint Service Academies Mass Atrocity Prevention Symposium, Netteange also encourages young future officers to realize their responsibility in preventing future atrocities. She hopes to earn a Master’s in Public Policy to equip her with an understanding of how to create policies that will better educate America’s public on past mass atrocities and establish ways the government can prevent such events in the future; eventually, she aims to create a multi-nation atrocity prevention agreement that will hold nations accountable for maintaining peace.

Duy (“Danny”) Nguyen is an American Politics major with a minor in Applied Statistics at the United States Military Academy. He is from Yukon, Oklahoma. As the son of Vietnamese refugees, Danny has dedicated himself to the study of refugee policy. He has written an editorial on refugees for Task and Purpose and is writing his senior thesis on Latin American refugee policy as a Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress Fellow. Danny is also a Senior Writing Fellow at the Academy and has dedicated over 60 hours to the West Point Writing Center. He has interned at the US Army War College and the US Agency for International Development, where he learned about US policy towards internally displaced persons. Outside of academics, Danny is the Cadet-in-Charge for the Vietnamese American Cadet Association, leading the club’s outreach efforts to civilian colleges and high schools. Danny will be a transportation officer in the Army, and hopes to earn a Master’s in Public Policy. Eventually he wants to work for the State Department Office of Population, Refugees, and Migration as a military liaison officer.

Brad Torpey is a senior at the United States Military Academy, where he studies Economics. He serves as the Cadet-in-Charge of the Sandhurst Infantry Skills Competition, which assembles over fifty international military academies and ROTC programs to compete in a rigorous competition testing physical fitness and military skills. Brad served as an intern in the Mergers and Acquisitions department at Deutsche Bank where he learned how legal processes and regulations shape the banking industry. He is a four-year member of West Point’s Model United Nations team, studying and debating policy proposals with international ramifications. He intends to study public policy and law to advocate for human rights at home and abroad.

Anna Sobol Levy Scholarship

Scott Buchanan is a native of Belmar, New Jersey and a senior at the United States Military Academy where he majors in Economics and minors in Terrorism Studies. Scott serves as the Co-Cadet in Charge of the Combatting Terrorism Center at West Point where he oversees the cadets within the Terrorism Studies Minor. Recently, Scott has received his branch assignment of Military Intelligence with a branch detail in Armor. Since enlisting in the NJ Army National Guard as a Military Police officer and his acceptance to USMA, Scott has academically focused on law enforcement policies and counterterrorism. Scott has also participated in the Department of State’s Countering Violent Extremism Project and interned at FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. Scott has received the Anna Sobol Levy Foundation Scholarship where he will study Government, specializing in Counter Terrorism and Homeland Security, at the IDC School in Herzliya Israel.

Lexie Johnson is a double major in International Relations and Russian language at West Point, with a focus in cyber engineering and cybersecurity. Outside of the classroom, Lexie has presented and competed in the Atlantic Council 9/12 cyber policy competitions in Sydney, Australia, New York City, and Washington D.C. She has also studied Russian language and International Relations in eight Eastern European countries. With over six months of living in Eastern Europe, Lexie has improved her Russian speaking and writing abilities while concurrently studying cybersecurity for West Point. By living with host families in Moldova, Latvia, and Georgia, Lexie has grown to understand the people of each region and establish relationships along the way. She hopes to earn a Master's in the Social Sciences of the Internet to complement her multidisciplinary approach to improving and innovating cyberspace policy.

Sean O’Brien studies Chemical Engineering and Counter-Terrorism while preparing to be an Army Military Intelligence Officer. He is interested in renewable energy economics and energy security policy; his team at West Point designed a more efficient platinum fuel cell and will publish their research this spring. Additionally, Sean has worked as an executive intern and fuel market analyst for biofuels producer Renewable Energy Group Inc. He also advocates for sustainable investments in his role as the senior chemicals and energy analyst for the West Point Spragin’s Investment Fund. Sean enjoys working on his motorcycle, golf and volunteering for veterans outreach programs. He hopes to combine his energy and legislative experience to formulate and promote policies that will secure our nation’s energy future. He has received an Anna Sobol Levy Fellowship through which he will study Government with a specialization in Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security at IDC Herzliya.

Fulbright Scholarship

Carolyn Kehn is a 2018 Fulbright Scholar.  Carolyn (“Care”) intends to join the Army Medical Service Corps as a medical evacuation pilot following graduate school. An Honors Sociology major at the U.S. Military Academy, Care has conducted two IRB-approved studies at West Point and presented her findings at the 2017 Eastern Sociological Society Annual Conference. Her academic work centers on belonging, inclusion, and the role of organizations in structuring teams. These studies are informed by her experiences outside of the classroom as a strength coach for the D1 Women’s Lacrosse Team, as captain of the West Point Ethics Debate Team, leading a Navigators small group Bible study, and training with the American and Chilean armies. As the leader of the USMA Respect Committee, during the 2018 academic year, Care developed a curriculum for 4,400 cadets on how to lead diverse and inclusive teams. This initiative was supported by her past four years working with the Michigan Student Leadership organization to structure and facilitate leadership programs for high school students. In her graduate studies, Care hopes to continue her commitment to studying and building better teams through a comparison of foreign societies and militaries.

Ulysses McGuinness is 2018 Fulbright Scholar.  He has lived in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, China and Taiwan. A double-major in International History and Chinese, Ulysses hopes to join the U.S. Army following commissioning from West Point. During summer 2017, Ulysses worked with the Army War College Strategic Studies Institute, as well as the Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute. His goal is to work towards the creation of peaceful solutions for the challenging global issues facing the United States and its global neighbors, and to foster a better understanding of the problems facing East Asia and China within the U.S. military. Ulysses is excited to continue his research interests in geopolitics, peacekeeping, and global security in the United States Army.

Miranda Bass is a 2018 Fulbright Scholar to Israel. She is a double major in International Relations and Chinese at West Point. Her academic interests include genocide and mass atrocity studies, and she is writing a senior thesis on the Russian anti-Jewish pogroms, which she has been selected to present at multiple conferences. In addition to studying in the United Kingdom and Israel, Miranda attended National Taiwan University for a semester and has served as language support in the annual Army-Army Dialogue Mechanism between the United States and China, representing West Point and the Army in Chinese. Beyond academics, Miranda serves as the Cadet-in-Charge of the Glee Club and Jewish Hillel. She is an avid musician and traveler, and hopes to deepen her understanding of foreign countries to serve the Army and her country. Miranda looks forward to commissioning as a Military Intelligence officer in May of 2018 and pursuing a degree in Security and Diplomacy Studies at Tel Aviv University.

Isaiah Valdez is a 2018 Fulbright Scholar. Isaiah is a native of Aztec, New Mexico, and a senior at the United States Military Academy. As a Mechanical Engineering major at West Point, he is conducting fluid dynamics research to contribute to the understanding of the Magnus moment’s effect on projectile instability, which he will present at the International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (IMECE) in 2019. Upon graduation from West Point, he will commission as an Aviation Officer. Outside of the classroom, Isaiah is a member of the Department of Foreign Languages’ Russian Language Forum and actively involves himself in culturally broadening experiences. During the summer of 2016, he traveled across Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, studying the Russian language and Soviet military history. He then continued his Russian language and cultural studies at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University during the fall of 2016. Isaiah has received a Fulbright Scholarship to Kyiv, Ukraine, where he will complete his Master’s in Business and Financial Economics at the Kyiv School of Economics. Upon completing his grant, Isaiah will attend Army Flight School. He aspires ultimately to serve as a Foreign Area Officer in the United States Army.


William Wenik is a 2018 Yenching Scholar.  William is a cadet at the United States Military Academy, majoring in Chinese and Military History. He is a prospective Armor Platoon Leader, and hopes serve at Ft. Carson, Colorado. West Point’s first intern in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, delegate to the Student Conference for United States Affairs, and, member of the Chinese Language Forum, William’s developed a keen perspective on East Asian security concerns. Additionally, William served as a squad leader and platoon leader in his cadet company, ensuring his fellow cadets’ academic, physical, and military success.

David Lee is a 2018 Yenching Scholar.  He is a double-major in Economics and Spanish. He looks forward to joining the Infantry after graduate school. Besides academics, David led the Chinese Language and Culture Forum and serves as the portfolio manager of the Academy’s Investment Fund. Passionate about understanding developing economics, he worked on interdisciplinary field research on the economic developments of the Pearl River Delta, Southern China. He is also fascinated by Spanish culture and studied for a semester at the Academia General Militar. David hopes to continue pursuing his interest in economics as a future student at Pekin University. After his military service, David hopes to make an impact on developing countries through better policy design. Through the Yenching Scholarship, he will receive a degree in Economics and Management.


Seamus Matlack is a 2018 Rotary Scholar.  Seamus is a native of Boston, Massachusetts and a senior at the United States Military Academy. He will commission as an infantry officer assigned the 3rd Brigade in the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell. As an American Politics major with a Nuclear Engineering track at West Point, Seamus has interned in several different domestic policy organizations from the Cook Country Juvenile Detention Center in Chicago, Illinois to the office of Senator Gillibrand in D.C. His research at West Point has focused on examining the role of race in cadet success, examining the effect of race on grade point average, graduation rate, and explosions. Along with his academic pursuits, Seamus has taken on numerous leadership roles in the Academy, such being the Battalion Commander for over 350 cadets and the Debate Team captain. While on the Debate Team, Seamus has been recognized as an All-American Debate Scholar by the Cross Examination Debate Association and was the top speaker at the Lafayette Debates, an international debate competition hosted by the French Embassy. This coming year, Seamus will complete his Rotary Scholarship at Durham University in England by studying for a MSc in Defense, Diplomacy, and Development. He hopes to use the knowledge he gains from the program both as a younger officer and a future policy maker.

Lincoln Lab Fellowship

John “Jack” Montgomery is a 2018 Lincoln Lab Fellowship.  He was born and raised in Sandston, Virginia and is a Mechanical Engineering major with Biomechanical and Mechatronics Engineering research experiences at the United States Military Academy at West Point. His research, a project dubbed “Track-able,” seeks to enable wheelchair-bound users with the capability to monitor their levels of physical activity. He has done an internship at the Aberdeen Test Center, Division of Lethality and Vulnerability at the Proving Ground in Aberdeen, Maryland, and interned in the Veteran’s Affairs National Center of Excellence for the Medical Consequences of Spinal Cord Injury, in Bronx, NY. Additionally, as the Brigade Executive Officer, Jack is responsible for coordinating the efforts of an 83 person staff in support of a 4,400 Corps of Cadets. In his career, he intends to combine his STEM background with his interests in and experiences with spinal chord injury patients and biomechanics to help injured veterans reintegrate themselves after injury.

Garrett Simon is a 2018 Lincoln Lab Fellow.  Garrett is a physics major from Chesapeake, Virginia, with a focus in quantum information science (QIS) theory and technology. Through working in this field, he hopes to utilize his physics background as innovation in the growing fields of computing and cyber security to promote national security and computational capability. His undergraduate research focused on identifying and computationally replicating physical non-idealities in a quantum key distribution (QKD) protocol for later use in generating more accurate predictions and simulations of real-world QKD performance. While at USMA, he developed technical adaptability and leadership experience during his various roles as an intern conducting nuclear reactor simulation and analysis at Los Alamos National Laboratory, a four-year NCAA swimmer, and the Regimental Academics Officer, responsible for overseeing the academic performance of 1100 cadets. He hopes to conduct graduate research in developing trapped-ion hardware for realizing quantum computing algorithms. An aspiring Army Cyber officer, Garrett plans to use his physics research and cyber background to promote QIS awareness and research in the Army to guarantee our forces a tactical advantage in the cyber warfare domain.

Noah Demoes is a 2018 Lincoln Lab Fellow.  He was born and raised in Bakersfield, CA and is a Mathematical Sciences major at the United States Military Academy at West Point. During his undergraduate studies, Noah has focused his academic experiences toward his overall passion for optimization. Noah interned at Boeing’s Virtual Warfare Center conducting detailed data analysis and phantom works services of the KC-46. At Hromadka & Associates, Noah interned as a research assistant furthering the understanding of the Complex Variable Boundary Element Method as a viable method to model boundary value problems as a more accurate replacement to current industry methods. Noah intends to further his research interests in data science at Northeastern University.

Hannah Whisnant is a 2018 Lincoln Laboratory Military Fellow. Hannah is a double major in Mathematical Sciences and Computer Science, and spent a semester abroad in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Upon graduation, Hannah will commission as a Cyber Officer. She is a member of the Cyber Policy team, which won the Cyber 9/12 competition hosted in Geneva by the Atlantic Council, defeating 19 other teams from 10 countries. She is also a former competitor on Jeopardy! and a four-year member of the NCAA DI rugby team. She will be conducting research and development of imager array and subsystem-level technology at Lincoln Labs, while pursuing a Master's degree in Technology & Policy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Kyle Fauerbach is a 2018 Lincoln Lab Fellow.  Kyle is a Computer Science major with a minor in Network Science at West Point and will commission as a Cyber Warfare Officer upon graduation. He is the Cadet-in-Charge of the West Point Cadet Competitive Cyber Team which was recently recognized as one of the top 10 undergraduate teams in North America. In this position, Kyle planned, developed, and executed training and instruction on various topics relating to computer security. During the summer of 2016, Kyle held a summer internship with the National Security Agency’s Red Team and worked with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency during the finals of the Cyber Grand Challenge. He hopes to continue pursuing his research interests in reverse engineering, vulnerability discovery, and exploit development as a Cyber officer in the United States Army.

Gabriel “Gabe” Bann is a 2018 Lincoln Lab Fellow.  Gabe majors in Mathematical Sciences with Honors and will serve the nation as a Cyber Officer after graduate school. Within the Math Department, he has conducted research regarding computational approximation techniques of ideal fluid flow, to include applications of the Complex Variable Boundary Element Method and the Method of Fundamental Solutions. Gabe is also interested in civil rights issues and social equality, fostered by his participation in the 2015 Civil Rights Staff Ride, where he was awarded the 1LT Robert Seidel III Scholar award. In graduate school, Gabe will combine his interests in mathematics and civil rights to combat the growth of inequality arising from misuses of Big Data.

Nolan Hedglin is a 2018 Lincoln Lab Fellow.  Nolan is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina and a senior at the United States Military Academy.  As a double-major in Physics and Mathematics, Nolan has pursued two different capstones. Working with the Army Cyber Institute, Nolan plans on publishing his mathematical model on early threat detection among emerging technologies to IEEE in Fall 2018. This past year, he also worked with the High Energy Laser Lab, making notable contributions to the development of a laser defense system to protect against incoming UAVs. Additionally, Nolan has published a policy memorandum in the Journal of Science Policy and Governance advocating for the use of high energy lasers to de-orbit space debris. As a side interest, Nolan is a member of the Cyber Policy Team, who has won international competitions in Geneva and Australia. Nolan has also been a member of the Men’s Rugby team for all four years. Following graduation, Nolan will commission as a Cyber Officer. In graduate school, he will conduct research in the field of quantum cryptography at MIT for the Optical Communications Technology group at Lincoln Laboratories. As an officer in Army Cyber, he hopes to join a Tiger Team at Defense Digital Services that rapidly develops and prototypes future technologies to address urgent military needs.

Noah Siegel is a 2018 Lincoln Lab Fellow.  Nolan is currently a mechanical engineering major.  He has completed research projects relating to both the thermal effects of directed energy weapons systems and the dynamic stability and Magnus moment of subsonic spin-stabilized projectiles.  As a cadet, he interned at Sandia National Labs in New Mexico and Boeing’s Apache facility in Arizona.  Outside of the classroom, volunteers in the Mounger Writing Center and serves as a co-captain of the racquetball team.  After graduation, he will study applications of electrospray thrusters in the department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT. Noah will serve in the Army as an aviation officer following his time in graduate school.

Nicholas Wilde is a 2018 Lincoln Lab Fellow. Nicholas is a Madison, New Jersey resident and a Mechanical Engineering major at the United States Military Academy. With experience in both Aerospace and Biomechanical Engineering, Nick has done research in fluid mechanics with a wide array of applications. He presented his paper on computational modeling of blood flow in human arteries at ASTFE’s 3rd Annual Thermal Fluid Engineering Conference, and has worked extensively with Sandia National Laboratory and Stanford University to model and measure atmospheric contaminant dispersal in Oklahoma City. Additionally, he has experience as a research assistant in MIT Lincoln Laboratory’s Rapid Prototyping group and served in leadership roles as a Battalion Command Sergeant Major within the Corps of Cadets and as a section leader in the West Point Glee Club. He will be earning an S.M. in Aerospace Engineering from MIT with a focus on drone development, and upon graduation, he will attend flight school as an Aeromedical Evacuation Officer. He plans to use his dual experience in aerospace engineering and biomechanics to contribute to the military’s medical and aviation communities, and to improve the lifesaving capacity of our Armed Forces.

Connor Mullen is a 2018 Lincoln Lab Scholar. A native of Bedford Hills, New York, Connor is an Information Technology major with Honors designation at the United States Military Academy. Outside of the classroom, Connor is active in the Upsilon Pi Epsilon honor society and the West Point Ski Patrol. After earning a Master of Science in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity from Northeastern University and completing a fellowship at MIT – Lincoln Laboratory with the Secure, Resilient Systems and Technology Group, he looks forward to serving in the Army’s Signal Corps. In the summer of 2016, he interned with the Cyber Systems Assessment Group at MIT – Lincoln Laboratory. He conducted research and gained hands-on experience with systems used to train cyber operators and conduct offensive and defensive exercises. Additionally, Connor’s research interests center on cyber operations and security. His capstone project deals with creating a deployable network containing vulnerable hosts and servers in support of training cyber operators at West Point. His thesis centers on analyzing virtual servers as a disruptive technology in the information technology industry. Connor hopes to apply his education in network engineering, cybersecurity, and systems assessment to his Army career and serve as a Signal officer in a special mission unit.

Kevin Talty is a 2018 Lincoln Lab Scholar. Kevin is a double Honors major in Mathematical Sciences and Portuguese at the United States Military Academy at West Point and is interested in computational mathematics. As a sophomore, Kevin researched nano-fiber technology at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. As a junior, Kevin worked to improve the Army Information Training System by utilizing network science techniques. Kevin is currently working on a machine-learning algorithm with Artificial Neural Networks to predict the likelihood a recruit will suffer a severe injury in Army Basic Training. Upon completion of a graduate program in computational mathematics, Kevin looks forward to serving in the Army’s Cyber Branch by utilizing his skills in mathematics to defend the nation in cyberspace and to protect our information security.

John Stockdale is a 2018 Lincoln Lab Fellow.  John is a native of Glen Allen, Virginia and a senior at the United States Military Academy. Upon graduation, he will commission as a Field Artillery officer and later will serve as a Military Intelligence officer. As an Operations Research major at West Point, John has interned with Mitre Corporation in McLean, Virginia and studied Operations Research and Computer Analysis at the United States Coast Guard Academy for a semester through the Service Academies Exchange Program. John is currently conducting research at West Point on the Military Academy’s admissions process and how it can better predict a prospective cadet’s physical success at the Academy and later in the Army. John is also working on a Systems Engineering project pertaining to Unmanned Aerial Systems and the potential threats that they hold against the United States and its allies. Paired with his academic endeavors, John serves on numerous leadership roles within the Academy, to include serving as Battalion Commander and as the Brigade Catholic Representative. John has received an acceptance into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management’s Business Analytics program and has been awarded a Lincoln Laboratories Military Fellowship. In graduate school, John intends to study data science and data analytics and hopes to work in that field later on his career in the Army or after his service for the government.

Daniel “Wade” Provaznik is a 2018 Lincoln Lab Scholar.  Wade is Systems Engineering major and Terrorism Studies minor and grew up in the town of Fort Collins in northern Colorado. He currently serves as the Brigade Military Development Officer, coordinating the military training operations for the 4,400 person Corps of Cadets while training for the Marine Corps Marathon. He has traveled to Dresden, Germany to observe and strengthen U.S.-German military relations, conducted terrorist targeting analysis as an intelligence analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency, and interned at the National Security Council with the South and Central Asia Directorate. Wade has presented at the 2017 American Society of Engineering Management’s International Conference on the topics of innovation, research and development, and the Army acquisitions process. He plans to continue to pursue his interests in U.S. counterterrorism strategy, force projection, and special operations as an Aviation officer in the United States Army and beyond.

Draper Lab Fellowship

Samuel Miller is a 2018 Draper Lab Fellow.  He is from Tampa, Florida and is an Electrical Engineering major who has channeled his passion for helping others through research and community service. Samuel will publish his research, “Dynamic Ensemble for Estimating State-of-Charge in Interchangeable Robot Batteries” in IEEE Xplore, which will enable robots to accomplish their missions by providing an accurate means of estimating state-of-charge. In an effort to further enhance his education and skills, Samuel devoted his personal time to earning his Amateur Radio Extra class license, taking and passing both the General and Extra class exam in one sitting. As a member and current president of the IEEE honor society chapter at West Point, he participated in the installment of a lighting system for a fallen soldier memorial and plans on coordinating another community service event in the future. Samuel hopes to continue his endeavor to help others through service as an Army Cyber Officer and through the study of secure and resilient biomechanical systems in graduate school.
Aaron Schlenker is a 2018 Draper Lab Fellow.  He is from Kutztown, Pennsylvania and studies Mechanical Engineering at the United States Military Academy at West Point. His research interests, which span a wide range of Mechanical engineering topics from biomechanics to projectile flow modeling, highlight his curiosity and eagerness to learn. Outside of his research, Aaron commands a cadet company and rows as a member of the varsity crew. He has presented a biomechanics study related to rowing at the 2017 American Society for Biomedical Engineering Conference in addition to working with CubeSat technologies while interning at MIT Lincoln Laboratory in Massachusetts. In the near future, Aaron will put his mechanical experience into practice as a helicopter pilot in the US Army. Beyond that, he plans to pair his mechanical background with his ambitious ingenuity as an entrepreneur in the engineering community.

Logan Leahy is a 2018 Draper Lab Fellow. He is from Kings Mills, OH, and is a Mechanical Engineering major with a focus on Biomechanics. Logan has worked with the Army Torso Load Assistance System (ATLAS) Team for two years with the goal of developing a device that redistributes a soldier’s fighting load from their shoulders to their hips in an effort to reduce lower back and spinal injuries incurred during training and deployments. In conjunction with the ATLAS project, Logan also conducted his own research study, "Quantification of the Relative Motion Between the Torso and Body Army: Effects of a Torso-Borne Load Redistribution Device," which he presented at the 2017 American Society of Biomechanics Conference. Logan will continue his work with Biomechanics as a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and will then serve as an Army Intelligence Officer.

GEM Fellowship

Andre Alejos is a 2018 GEM Scholar. He is a Computer Science major from Indianapolis, IN.  Alejos has been an active member of both the USMA chapter of the Special Interest Group for Security Audit and Control (SIGSAC), as well as the Cadet Competitive Cyber Team (C3T).  He currently serves as the Vice-President for the USMA chapter of Upsilon Pi Epsilon, a nationally recognized computer science honor society.  CDT Alejos has obtained both his CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ certifications, as well as attended the SANS SEC504 and SEC560 courses.  CDT Alejos also actively serves in the Officer’s Christian Fellowship.  CDT Alejos has a family history of service, as his father served enlisted in the United States Air Force for ten years, his mother served for two years in the Peace Corps working in the Dominican Republic, and his brother serves as an Ensign in the United States Navey.

Justin Alexander is a 2018 GEM Scholar. He is from Windsor, Connecticut, and is a Nuclear Engineering major. Justin has worked as a Senator for the West Point Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers for four years with the goal of increasing the number of culturally responsible minority STEM majors that excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community. Justin has also conducted his own research into the development of surrogate nuclear melt glass for the purpose of conducting nuclear forensic analysis post-detonation in the event of a nuclear attack, which he presented at the 2018 Hardened Electronics And Radiation Technology Conference. Justin will pursue a degree in Medical Physics as a graduate student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and will then serve as an Army Chemical Officer.
Jadon Long is a 2018 GEM Scholar. Jadon, born in Abilene, Texas, is a senior at the United States Military Academy. He intends to commission as an Armor officer upon graduation. Jadon has focused his studies in Systems Engineering, with a concentration in aerospace systems. He has interned with the MITRE Corporation and participated in the Excel Scholars Program. Jadon is currently conducting research into designing systems to counter remotely piloted aircraft and developing a model to assist the Army West Point football team's recruiting process. Along with his academic pursuits, Jadon serves in numerous leadership roles at the Academy, to include the Academics Officer for the Cadet Radio Station, Company Administrative Officer, and Company Military Development Officer. Jadon has been awarded the GEM Fellowship and will continue his studies at Johns Hopkins University in the Masters of Space Systems Engineering program.

Goldwater  Fellowship

Madeline Ryu is a 2018 Goldwater Scholar, Cls. ’19.  Madeline, of San Jose, CA, is a junior at the United States Military Academy. As a Life Sciences major with a Nuclear Science minor at West Point, Madeline has conducted research at Sogang University in Seoul, Korea and the Australian Army Malaria Institute in Brisbane, Australia. Madeline is currently conducting research at West Point on bio-templated nanowire fibers for multi-functionality which can have an infinite number of uses such as conductors, batteries, drug delivery mechanisms, nervous system inputs, and more. Madeline is a member of both Phi Kappa Phi, an all-discipline National Honor Society, and the West Point Taekwondo Team, placing third at Taekwondo Collegiate Nationals. She has been published in the Journal of Materials Research, Journal of Visualized Experiments, MRS Advances, and is awaiting publication in the journal Molecules. She has had her research presented at the Materials Research Society Spring Meeting and Exhibit, Army Research Lab Technical Symposium, and Inter-Academy Chemical Symposium. In addition to her academic endeavors, Madeline will serve as the Summer Garrison Regiment Intelligence Officer. Madeline intends to further pursue her passion of uniting teams and solving complex problems by attending medical school upon graduation.

Jesse Palmer is a 2018 Goldwater Scholar, Cls. ’19.   Born and raised in Plano, TX, Jesse is an Honors Chemical Engineering major at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Throughout his academic career, he has worked in the Multi-Functional Materials Laboratory at West Point where he has co-authored publications on his work with noble metal aerogels, which can be used to optimize catalytic reactions in batteries. He has collaborated with the Army Research Laboratories (ARL) in Adelphi, Maryland to produce first-stage biosensors, and formally presented his work at the Materials Research Society 2017 Spring Conference. As a recipient of the Stamps Scholarship, Jesse has used his academic funding to attend World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden and visit the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia to pursue his interest in water desalination. Jesse is also completing a minor in Eurasian Studies, and has represented West Point in Almaty, Kazakhstan as part of the Foreign Academy Exchange Program. After commissioning in the Army and completing graduate school, he plans to develop batteries which enhance the energy capacity of prosthetic limbs with direct application to serving the needs of wounded veterans.

Truman Scholarship

Ashley Salgado is a 2018 Truman Scholar from Puerto Rico. She is a Law and Legal Studies major at West Point. Her academic interests include civil rights and criminal justice reform, especially within the realm of mass incarceration. Beyond academics, Ashley serves as a manager for the Army Softball team, volunteers through the Cultural Affairs Seminar, mentored underprivileged kids through the Youth Impact Program, and created a drive to send relief supplied to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. She is an avid traveler and Supreme Court enthusiast, hoping to one day meet her role model, Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Ashley hopes to commission as a Military Intelligence officer and pursue a juris doctorate degree with a focus in civil rights law at New York University after serving in the Army.

2017 Scholarship Winners

Schwarzman Scholars Award (2017)

Mark McGinnis is a Management major with an Environmental Engineering track from the United States Military Academy. He’s interested in foreign affairs and the role the U.S. and China plays in those sectors. He ultimately hopes to become the U.S. Secretary of State applying his understanding of China while shaping polices with many other nations in the Pacific. With experience working for the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, and the U.S. Supreme Court, he plans on reflecting on those experiences in order to make a difference in the executive branch. Mark is the President of the Domestic Affairs Forum, and a USMA Honor Board President. He received a 1-year Schwarzman Scholarship at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China through which he will receive a Master’s of Global Affairs with a concentration in Economics and Business.

Bethany Russell, grew up in Bristol, Tennessee and is a senior at the United States Military Academy. She is an International Relations and Chinese double major, and spent a semester studying abroad in Beijing. At the Academy, Bethany assists in commanding the drill team and is active within the Cadet Public Relations Council. She received a 1-year Schwarzman Scholarship at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China through which she will receive a Master’s of Global Affairs with a concentration in International Affairs.

Collin Parker grew up in Warsaw, Indiana and attended The Culver Academies before matriculating to The United States Military Academy. At West Point, Collin studies management with a concentration in systems engineering, leads the annual Student Conference on U.S. Affairs, and served as a Regimental Executive Officer for over 1,000 cadets. A thirst for travel and adventure led him to traverse a British Columbian mountain range, cage-dive with great white sharks in South Africa, debate policy in South Korea, and work with cognitively impaired children in Central Europe. He received a 1-year Schwarzman Scholarship at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China through which he will receive a Master’s of Global Affairs with a concentration in Economics and Business.

Timothy McLaughlin grew up in Millville, Massachusetts. Tim is a political science major and grand strategy minor. He has spent time on a grand strategy field study to China, where he gained an understanding non-western perspectives on approaching strategy.  He also interned at the White House within the National Security Council. At the Academy, Tim is active as a senior fellow at West Point's Mounger Writing Center and is president of the Department of Social Sciences Cadet Advisory Council. He currently serves as the Brigade Sandhurst Officer, where he is responsible for coordinating all operations and logistics associated with West Point’s three-day, 50+ team annual military skills competition.  He received a 1-year Schwarzman Scholarship at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China through which he will receive a Master’s of Global Affairs.

Don Dalisay is a Filipino cadet studying Economics, Operations Research, and Grand Strategy (minor) at the United States Military Academy. Prior to USMA, he was president and top of his class at the Philippine Military Academy. Under a government scholarship, he received a degree in Public Health from the University of the Philippines Manila where he captained its nationally-ranked debate team. While in college, he served as municipal councilor in his hometown where he initiated youth development programs and infrastructure projects. He interned at RAND Corporation and is currently an adjunct research consultant at the World Bank.  He received a 1-year Schwarzman Scholarship at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China through which he will receive a Master’s of Global Affairs with a concentration in Public Policy.

Fulbright Foundation for Scholarly Exchange (2017)

Jack Hadley is from Manhattan Beach, California, and served as the 1st Regimental Adjutant, responsible for the accountability, administration, and human resources management of 1100 cadets at West Point. Jack is an Arabic and Economics double major, the Vice President of his class, and the Vice President of Officers’ Christian Fellowship, a nondenominational military ministry. Two of Jack’s most salient experiences as a cadet were his semester abroad in Amman, Jordan in the spring of his junior year, and his attendance of the Army’s Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) School at Camp Mackall, NC. He received a 2-year Fulbright Fellowship at Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey through which he will receive a Master’s in Philosophy. 

Rhodes Scholarship (2017)

Christian Nattiel is from St. Petersburg, Florida.  He majors in Mathematical Sciences and Philosophy.  Playing handball and leading two clubs (Cultural Affairs Seminar and the Elevation Initiative) dominate most of his time, but he still manages to have fun while at the Academy. Christian conducted research for the U.S. Department of Energy and the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress, and wrote his senior thesis with the Math Department on the European Refugee Crisis. He received a 2-year Rhodes scholarship at The University of Oxford, United Kingdom through which he will receive a Master’s in Education.

Marshall Scholarship (2017)

Sam Ruppert comes from a sheep farm in South-Central Pennsylvania.  He studies Chinese and Defense & Strategic Studies at West Point. In addition to academics, Sam is the Assistant Cadet in Charge of the USMA Chinese Language Forum, a member of his company’s Sandhurst Team, and Co-Vice President of the West Point Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. He received a 2-year Marshall Scholarship at King’s College, United Kingdom through which he will receive a Master’s of Arts in War Studies and continue his research on warfare in Imperial China.

Rotary International Global Grant Ambassadorial Scholarship (2017)

Natalie Herbert is from the city of taxation without representation, Washington, DC.  She is a senior at the United States Military Academy with a major in Chinese and French. She spent a semester studying at Fujen Catholic University in Taipei, Taiwan. Natalie is the Second Regiment Respect Officer, leading a team of cadets to create a positive, secure climate in the regiment through coordinating different projects to spread cultural and social awareness, leading monthly discussions, and managing equal opportunity issues. Since her freshman year, Natalie has been actively involved in Young life, a youth mentorship program. In addition, she is a member of the Corbin Forum and the Cultural Affairs Seminar.  She received a two-year Rotary International Global Grant which she will use to receive a Master’s of Art in International Security at Sciences Po, Paris, France and a Master’s of Art in Conflict Security Development at King’s College, London, UK.

Alexi Bell grew up in Austin, Texas.  She is a Mathematical Sciences major with a track in Mechanical Engineering.  For her senior thesis, she modeled and simulated the spread of pandemic influenza.  As the Second Regiment Operations Officer, she planned and organized military training for over 1000 fellow cadets. She tutored for the Cultural Affairs Seminar for two years, one of which she served as the Chair of the Tutoring Program and organized study sessions in nearly every core course for freshmen. During her first three years at West Point, she was a middle blocker for the Army West Point Women’s Volleyball team.  She received a 1-year Rotary International Global Grant at The University of Edinburg, United Kingdom through which she will receive a Master’s in Data Science.

David Farr is a Systems Engineering major with a Cyber Engineering Sequence.  During his time at West Point he has been a letter winner all four years as a member of the Army Wrestling team, and he branched into the Army Cyber Branch. He also conducted and published research on medical requirements for dense urban environments, data mining from open sources for operational environments, and strategies for investing in developing nations. He participated in a summer internship at the National Security Agency where he developed data mining software for operational units. David has been active in the Special Olympics, the Cyber Security Club, and Sergeant at Arms for the Rotary International Day at the United Nations.  Upon graduation he will attend the University of Edinburgh to focus on Operational Research with Data Science in application of preventing the spread of disease in developing nations.

Yenching Academy Scholarship (2017)

Patrick Dancer is an International Relations major at West Point. The past two summers, Patrick has encountered global issues through an internship with the Joint Staff at the Pentagon and a study abroad program in the Czech Republic. At West Point, he spent his time as a member of West Point’s cyber policy team and as a chairman within the academy’s honors program. In addition to these two opportunities, Patrick spent his time serving as a cadet platoon leader and research towards his International Relations thesis, in which he attempts to discern the incentive structure beyond state-supported cyber proxies. He received a 2-year Yenching Scholarship at Peking University through which he will receive a Master’s in China Studies.

GEM University (2017)

Christopher Monroe – Received the GEM Scholarship, through which he will study at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA and earn a Masters of Science in Engineering Psychology.

Matthew Rodriguez is a Systems Engineering major at West Point, and branched into the Cyber branch. At West Point, he has dedicated his cadet career to the USCC Pipes and Drums Band and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. The past two summers, Matthew has aided the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology (ASA (ALT))’s Cyber Focal at the Pentagon in formulating a new rapid acquisition testing methodology for multiple Cyber Defensive Operations. His Honors research focuses on balancing next generation technology with cybersecurity for modeling and simulation in the cloud. Upon graduation, he will attend the University of Virginia to obtain a Master’s of Science in Systems Engineering with a focus on cybersecurity. 

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (2017)

Gabriela Barrera is from Lodi, New Jersey and majored in mechanical engineering with a minor in Terrorism Studies. She served as the Brigade Respect Operations Officer and was in charge of planning and coordination for diversity, outreach, cultural awareness, and equal opportunity events for the Corps of Cadets. She was also a member of the West Point Women’s Boxing team as a two-time national runner-up. She received a 2-year Lincoln Laboratory Military Fellowship at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA through which she will receive a Master’s in Operations Research.

Travis Chewning-Kulick – Received an NSF grant to spend two years at Steven’s Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ and will earn a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Lincoln Laboratory Military Fellowship (2017)

Gabriela Barrera is from Lodi, New Jersey and majors in mechanical engineering with a minor in Terrorism Studies. She serves as the Brigade Respect Operations Officer and is in charge of planning and coordination for diversity, outreach, cultural awareness, and equal opportunity events for the Corps of Cadets. She is also a member of the West Point Women’s Boxing team as a two-time national runner-up. She received a 2-year Lincoln Laboratory Military Fellowship at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA through which she will receive a Master’s in Operations Research.

Liam Comidy is a Chemical Engineering major at West Point. Academically, Liam focuses his research efforts on examining methodologies for producing pyrotechnic mixtures, working with Picatinny Arsenal since the second semester of his first year. He was a member of the Cadet Spirit Band as a tuba player for four years and a member of the Cadet Jewish Choir for three years. He received a 2-year Lincoln Laboratory Military Fellowship at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA through which he will receive a Master’s of Science in Aero Astro Engineering.

Ezra Engel – Received a 2-year Lincoln Laboratory Military Fellowship at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA through which he will earn a Master’s in Nuclear Science and Engineering.

Jessica Zhu - Received a 2-year Lincoln Laboratory Military Fellowship at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA through which she will earn a Master’s in Operations Research.


2016 Scholarship Winners

Rotary International Global Grant Ambassadorial Scholarship (2016)

Mike Westrom studies Mechanical Engineering with a Power and Energy sub-discipline and minors in Latin American Studies.  His itinerant urges and desire for public service has taken him to Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Colombia for volunteer trips – in all, Mike has traveled to 15 countries on 4 continents.  Mike wants to investigate the intersection between culture and energy, as he intends to use his technical background to study energy policy in graduate school.  Mike's interests include travel, reading, speaking in Spanish, and going to trivia nights at pubs.

East West (2016)

Andrew Beckmann is a first class cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Andrew studies quantitative-mathematical economics which involves modeling economic theory with mathematics and statistics. His thesis in this discipline explores the opportunities for women in the military and the related labor economic theory. In his graduate studies, he will apply his quantitative skills in studying economic development and informing development policy. He hopes to study economics at either Oxford or the London School of Economics and Political Science.  Andrew interned at the US Department of Labor and has served as a Platoon Sergeant and Physical Development Officer at West Point. Andrew recently spent a semester studying French history and political/economic philosophy in Paris.

Draper Labs (2016)

Blake Bequette is an Army brat from Nebraska City, Nebraska. He is a mechanical engineering major who would like to work in biomedical and mechatronic device innovation and design. This past summer, he did research at the Brooke Army Medical Center on battlefield tourniquets. At West Point, his current project deals with micro-, autonomous unmanned aerial systems that operate as swarms. His military position is the Brigade Academic Officer, and it is his job to organize the tutor program, group study sessions, and serve as the intermediate between West Point’s academic staff and cadets. In addition, he is the executive officer for the academy’s combat swimmer program, which trains cadets for the army’s SCUBA school.

Marshall (2016)

Ian Mauldin is a triplet from Albuquerque, New Mexico.  At West Point, he majors in mathematical sciences and studies a subcomponent of graph theory, optimal linear arrangement, for his thesis.  As a Battalion Command Sergeant Major, he is responsible for ensuring the welfare and discipline for approximately four hundred cadets.  He has spent a semester abroad in France and completed French Commando School.  In graduate school, he plans to increase his own competency in mathematics and to continue cultivating cross-cultural relationships so as to learn to apply mathematics in the real world with a social understanding.  When he graduates he intends to become an engineer officer who uses his analytic problem solving abilities, as well as his cultural experiences, to lead efforts in constructing meaningful contributions to areas under development.

Schwarzman Scholarship (2016)

Joseph Broderick has been awarded the Schwarzman Scholarship and will be attending Tsinghua University in Beijing, where he will study Public Policy.  A Life Science Major, Joseph will be attending medical school following his return to the Army. He is Captain of the six-time collegiate national champion USMA boxing team and the head of Cadets Against Sexual Harassment and Assault. He founded “Developing Our Outstanding Resources,” an organization that combines the efforts of multiple NGOs in Mongolia to better meet the needs of the developmentally disabled by providing healthcare outreach. He also initiated laboratory research on the molecular mechanism of bacterial antibiotic research at the Academy, resulting in findings that have been submitted for publication. As an Army doctor, he plans to pursue a career in Public Health designing programs that will improve the healthcare of our military men, women, and families.


Regina Parker has been awarded a Schwarzman Scholarship and will be attending Tsinghua University in Beijing, where she will study Public Policy.  A double-major in Mechanical Engineering and American Politics, Regina also completed the Life Sciences track and will be attending medical school after returning to the Army. She hopes to pursue degrees in public policy and medicine, serve as an Army psychiatrist, and later develop national and global health policy, with a focus on mental health. Her experience leading a Cadet Counseling Unit that provided mental health support for cadets during summer field training and of a new Peer Support Program during the academic year has deepened her commitment to addressing the pandemic of mental illness in our Army and broader society. Regina’s extracurricular interests range from Boy Scouting to aviation.


Alex Parra has been awarded a Schwarzman Scholarship and will be attending Tsinghua University in Beijing, where he will study Public Policy.  A Chemical Engineering major, Alex is interested in revolutionizing how we view batteries.  As a cadet, Alex has lead a multi-discipline research team in constructing nanowire, flexible batteries for soldiers. He is president of West Point’s Chemistry Club and Tau Beta Phi honor engineering society. He is also active in Spanish Club and Brewing Club. Coming from this background in engineering, Alex looks forward to being an Engineer officer in the U.S. Army and conducting construction and road clearance. During his summers, Alex has conducted research at M.I.T., Los Alamos National Lab, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, and Stanford University. He was also the only applicant selected to work on the Mars Curiosity Rover where he had the opportunity to conduct experiments on Mars through the rover. After the Army, Alex hopes to enter public policy and use his experiences to shape the way science and STEM is taught in America.

Churchill Scholarship (2016)

Lisa Jones has been awarded a Churchill Scholarship and will be attending Cambridge University in England, where she will study Pure Mathematics.  A double-major in computer science and mathematics, Lisa looks forward to joining Army Cyber after graduate school. Outside of the classroom, Lisa is the Cadet-in-Charge of the Department of Foreign Languages’ Piano Mentorship program and competes on West Point’s internationally recognized cyber team. A finalist for the ACM Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher award, Lisa has published in Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements and ACMSE’s 2014 conference proceedings and has presented twice at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.  During spring 2015, Lisa worked in the National Security Agency’s Mathematics Research Group; she has also held summer internship positions at the Center for Computing Sciences and in Los Alamos National Laboratory’s X Computational Physics Division.  Lisa hopes to continue pursuing her research interests in quantum computing, post-quantum cryptography, program analysis, and statistical language modeling as a Cyber officer in the United States Army.

Mitchell Scholarship (2016)

Megan McNulty has been awarded the Mitchell Scholarship and will attend University College Dublin in Ireland, where she will study International Development.  She is an Economics major with a minor in Grand Strategy and a specialty focus in Environmental Engineering. She currently serves the Corps of Cadets as the Second Regimental Command Sergeant Major. In addition, she is the Captain of West Point's Model United Nations Team, a Board President for the cadet-run Honor System, and the Co-President for West Point's Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi. Megan recently returned from a year away from West Point where she managed finances and educational programs for a nongovernmental agency in Liberia. This experience shaped her passion for diplomacy and finding solutions to poverty and has informed her desire to pursue a graduate degree in International Development. Upon returning to the Army, she will serve as a Military Intelligence Officer and plans to eventually return to West Africa to help find political and economic solutions to aid and growth policies.

 Gabriel Beck, born in the small agricultural community of Prosser, Washington, joined the West Point Class of 2016, fulfilling a dream that began when he read General Pershing’s biography, Until the Last Trumpet Sounds. In addition to his current position as Company Commander of 113 other cadets, he has been given incredible opportunities to direct the Jewish Cadet Chapel Choir, travel to countless countries as a representative of the academy, and focus his academic energy towards a history and German language thesis which seeks to explain how politically diverse regions of Germany have memorialized the Holocaust differently.

2015 Scholarship Winners

Fulbright Scholarship (2015)

Kaiwen Lin is a senior at the United States Military Academy. Originally from Teaneck, New Jersey, he is currently pursuing a double major in Comparative Politics and Chinese Language. Kaiwen serves as the Cadet-in-Charge of the Chinese Language and Culture and is a member of the cadet Spirit Band. Upon his graduation this May, he will commission as a Military Intelligence officer. Beginning in the fall of 2015, Kaiwen will be pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Studies at National Cheng Chi University in Taipei, Taiwan as a Fulbright Scholar.

Daniel Glockler earned a Fulbright U.S. Student Award to conduct graduate study in Taiwan.  This fall he will begin a two-year Master’s of Asia-Pacific Studies at National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan’s premier social sciences university.  Daniel plans to conduct publishable research on Beijing-Taipei-Washington relations, regional economic and political development, and regional security in light of evolving US interests and commitments in the Asia-Pacific.  While the curriculum is English-taught, Daniel will immerse himself in the Chinese language environment of Taiwan in order to continue the language study he began both at West Point and during a semester abroad.  A soon-to-be Military Intelligence officer, Daniel hopes to use expertise of the Asia-Pacific region and Chinese language in his MI career and as a Foreign Area Officer. 

Courtland Adams is an infantryman and an Environmental Science major from Colorado Springs, Colorado.  He is the Military Development Officer for Company B-2 and currently serves as the captain of the Men’s Varsity Crew Team.  In April, Court received a Fulbright U.S. Student Award to Australia where he will pursue a ‘Master of Environment’ degree at the University of Melbourne.  As a part of his master’s thesis, Court plans to study the effects of wildfires on post-fire hydrologic hazards.  While in Australia, he will continue rowing crew as a part of the University’s Elite Athlete Program.

Rotary Scholarship (2015)

Jon Lindefjeld is an Environmental Science major with a pre-med focus from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He is heavily involved with the Cadets Against Sexual Harassment and Assault (CASH/A) initiative at West Point, serving as the representative for First Regiment and as a member of the executive committee.  His work experience consists of three semesters of biological research, an externship at Carnegie Mellon University studying gene therapy in the laboratory, and researching the environmental trends of influenza.  He will receive a Master’s in Public Health prior to attending medical school, where he wishes to study infectious disease. 

Robert Hume is a civil engineering major whose Army family claims Carlisle, Pennsylvania as its current home.  He is a member of the West Point Parliamentary Debate Team and serves as President of West Point’s Civil Engineering Club.  Robert’s research focus is sustainable building and infrastructure design, and he is a certified LEED Green Associate.  Following graduation, Robert hopes to join the Corps of Engineers and pursue an MPhil in Engineering through the Centre for Sustainable Development at the University of Cambridge.

Lincoln Labs Fellowship (2015)

Seamus Bann received an MIT-Lincoln Laboratory Military Fellowship to work for Group 47, Chemical and Biological Defense Systems, in the Homeland Protection Division. The group’s current focus is development of a chemical weapon defense system for the NYC Subway; Cadet Bann’s potential thesis work will include simulation and modeling of chemical threats to major metropolitan areas while also contributing policy recommendations to the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security. While at Lincoln Labs, Cadet Bann will pursue a Master’s of Science degree in Technology & Policy in the Engineering Systems Division at MIT. The Technology & Policy M.S., a two-year program, combines engineering, economics, and public policy in a holistic curriculum that produces experts in both a technical field and in public and private policy analysis.  Following this program, Cadet Bann will enter the engineering branch of service.


Frederick (Ricky) Ulrich is a Computer Science major from Calabasas, California.  He is pursuing a career in Cyber Security in the U.S. Army through the newly formed Cyber branch.  After a summer internship with the NSA, he earned a position on the Cadet Competitive Cyber Team (C3T), for which he has competed in several Cyber Security competitions since his junior year. His varied research interests include non-intrusive methods for motion tracking, automated vulnerability finding, and malware analysis. He is an enthusiastic advocate for online learning and has completed a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) in Cryptography through the website Coursera.org.  After West Point he will be attending Northeastern University through the Military Research Fellowship program at MIT-Lincoln Labs.

Zachary Lee is a Mechanical Engineering major from Forest, Virginia. Following graduation, he will commission into the Aviation branch of the Army. Zachary has been awarded a Lincoln Laboratory Military Fellowship for research in applied space systems, and he will pursue a two-year Master of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology this fall.


Chris Wink is a Physics major from Springfield, Virginia. His capstone research is in partnership with the Photonics Research Center and focuses on modeling laser weapon design for use against UAVs. Previous research includes theory and experiment in the realm of chaotic dynamics and as a research associate for critical nuclear weapon design data at the National Laboratory in Los Alamos, NM. He is actively involved with the DFL Piano Mentorship Program, the Society of Physics Students, and his company Sandhurst Team. He will go to graduate school to study Nuclear Engineering and designate as an FA52 Nuclear and Counter-Proliferation Officer after spending time in Armor.

Draper Lab Fellowship (2015)

Kyle Geiser, is a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Life Science at the Academy. He received a two year Draper Laboratory Fellowship to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At MIT, Kyle will study in the biological engineering department in pursuit of a Master’s with the option to return at a later date in my army career to pursue a doctorate. He will be focused on the applications of molecular biophysics to create artificial micro-structures and architectures.

Paul Asare Agyapong is the son of Collins Amponsem and Rose Dankwah. A 2011 graduate of Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Paul studies Nuclear Engineering at USMA. Originally from Ghana, he came to the United States with his family in 2001. In addition to his studies, Paul spent two years as a manager with the Men’s Basketball team, was involved with STEM initiative workshops and CRLA tutoring, and has participated in a Foreign Academy Exchange with the Ghanaian Military Academy. Over his cadet career Paul went on AIADs to the Army Research Laboratory in Adelphi, Maryland, and Los Alamos National Laboratory. As a recipient of a Charles Stark Draper Laboratory Fellowship, he will attend Northeastern University to study Mechanical Engineering.

NSF (2015)

Rachel Oliver is a Mechanical Engineering major from Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  She was awarded the National Science Foundation Grant for an outstanding research proposal submitted in the fall of 2014. Her proposal will require her to conduct research in the field of astronautical engineering throughout her graduate studies.  She will study for her master’s degree at either the University of Michigan or the Air Force Institute of Technology. Once her studies are complete, she will continue her career in the developmental astronautical engineering career track in the Air Force.

Anna Sobel Levy Fellowship (2015)

Amy Saxton is an Economics Major and Terrorism Studies Minor. She is interested in the intersection of finance and global security, particularly regarding terror finance. As a cadet at West Point, she has participated in a cultural service program in Xi'an, China, a research internship at the National Counterterrorism Center, and is currently the Captain and only female of her company Sandhurst team, which competes in an annual international military competition held at West Point. She has also actively participated in events led by West Point's Combating Terrorism Center. Amy speaks Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish and hopes to dedicate her service in and out of the military toward capacity building with partner countries in the Middle East and Asia.

2014 Scholarship Winners

Rotary International Global Grant Ambassadorial Scholarship (2014)

Michal J Cantrell A native Arizonan, MJ Cantrell is an Arabic and American Politics double major. Currently a regimental executive officer responsible for the execution of academic and professional events for 1100 cadets, she plans to commission as a Military Intelligence officer. Ultimately, MJ desires to study political science and pair that education with her experiences in the Middle East and North Africa to open channels of dialogue to prevent mutual misunderstandings and conflict.

Robert Fetters is a Comparative Politics and Russian double major recently selected for the Rotary Scholarship. He intends on studying Peace and Security issues at the War Studies Department of King's College of London. While serving as the Vice President of his class, Robert has studied abroad in Ukraine, participated in a military exchange to Kazakhstan, worked for a humanitarian organization in Nepal, and interned in the J5 China Division in the Pentagon. Serving as the first Public Affairs officer for the West Point Jump Team, Robert won second in the nation for accuracy at the collegiate tournament. He has also recently been nominated for the Soldiers Medal.  

Katherine Fredieu is a double major in American Politics, Policy, and Strategy and Economics. Katherine is the editor-in-chief of the Undergraduate Journal of Social Sciences and the founder of the Knightengales, the West Point Glee Club’s all-female a cappella group. Her awards include the 2LT Curt G. Sansoucie Award for American History and the Colonel George K. Osborne II Award for Excellence in Political Science.

Allyson Hauptman is a double major in International Law and Information Technology Systems. Her work experience includes two internships at US Cyber Command, focusing on cyber policy and doctrine, and an internship with the Northampton District Judge. Her research interest is the Laws of Armed Conflict that govern autonomous weapons and cyber operations. She is a regional Policy Debate Champion and a member of the Upsilon Pi Epsilon honors society.

Connor Love is a Management and Applied Statistics major from Portland, Oregon. As a catcher on the Army baseball team, Connor helped lead the Black Knights to consecutive league championships. Off the field, Connor spends his time working with Team Red, White, and Blue, a not-for-profit organization aimed at bringing together veterans, active-duty soldiers, and civilians through physical and social activity. Connor wishes to pursue a graduate degree in comparative social policy.

Sarah Melville is an International Relations and Systems Management major from Beacon Falls, Connecticut. She is working with Free the Slaves on a year-long systems engineering project analyzing slavery in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She is on the skydiving team, has trained with British Officer Cadets from Sandhurst and is one of fewer than one hundred women in the Army to graduate the Sapper Leader Course. She aspires to branch Engineers then Infantry.


Luke Schumacher majors in American Politics and minors in Arabic. He spent a semester studying in Jordan, tutoring children in his spare time. He also studied British constitutionalism in the UK. Luke authored articles featured in the Undergraduate Journal of Social Sciences and the Yale Review of International Studies. He served as a research assistant to international relations theorist John Mearsheimer. A former Division-I football player, Luke aspires to serve as a Military Intelligence officer.

Allie Sutherland, a Systems Engineering major, has focused her studies on decision support systems and their role in diagnosing concussions, and evaluating the future of the Buckeye system, an aerial device used to take high resolution pictures for ground forces. Allie is Captain of the indoor and outdoor track teams, and serves as co-chair of the Corbin Forum mentorship program. She is the brigade logistics officer in support of approximately 4,500 cadets.

Louis Tobergte - a Chemical Engineering and Portuguese double major – is focused on combining renewable energy research and sanitation innovation to develop sustainable solutions for third-world communities. In addition to tinkering with a waste-to-energy gasification project, Louie delves into his Catholic faith, Cross fit and runs marathons.

Rhodes Scholarship (2014)

Calla Glavin, a mathematics student, focuses on data analytics applied to the fields of fluid mechanics and sports. A lacrosse player and an avid hobby runner, Calla also spends her free time as the Editor-in-Chief of the West Point cadet newspaper. She enjoys community outreach activities as the president of the Society of Women Engineers and as a mentor in Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

 Erin Mauldin, an avid mountaineer, studies international history and grand strategy.  She serves as the First Regimental Commander - responsible for the military, academic, and physical development of over 1,100 cadets.  Whether building a biogas anaerobic digester in Uganda, completing Commando School in France, or preparing to be an infantry officer, Erin enjoys bringing her passions for resource responsibility, the environment, and strategic thinking together to solve human security issues.

Marshall Scholarship (2014)

Cadet Ahmad Nasir is an American Politics and Arabic double major, and was recently selected as a 2013 Truman Scholar. He is interested in studying military-to-military relations, and the Middle East and South Asia. Ahmad is the founder and head of Team Red, White & Blue Alaska – an organization dedicated to transforming the way veterans reintegrate into society through sports, team environments, and personal connectivity. As a cadet at West Point, Ahmad has worked as a congressional intern, studied abroad in Morocco, participated in a cultural exchange with the Sultanate of Oman, and is a member of the Army football team.  He speaks Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi and aspires to be a South Asian Foreign Area Officer in the U.S. Army. He hopes to use his education and military experience to help bridge the divide between U.S. and foreign military officers in order to forge stronger bilateral relationships.

Alex Brammer, from Arizona, is an economics major and recent recipient of the Marshall Scholarship. After deploying three times to Iraq between 2006 and 2008 as an Army Ranger, Alex enrolled at West Point, where he is focusing on post-conflict development economics. At West Point, he spent time in Costa Rica and Ghana working on community development projects, and is the student assistant coach for the varsity lacrosse team. Attending Oxford University in the fall, Alex will read for a degree in Economics for Development in his first year and a degree in Global Governance and Diplomacy in his second year. Starting in September, he will investigate ways to enhance and generalize successful poverty alleviation, education, and health initiatives so that they can be applied across a broad swath of development contexts. After Oxford, Alex will attend flight school and hopes to fly Blackhawks in the 160th Special Operation Aviation Regiment. 

2013 Scholarship Winners

Rhodes (2013)

Kiley Hunkler, a native of St. Louis, MO, is an engineering psychology major and is one of only 13 students from West Point selected to attend medical school following graduation. Her research involves preventing the effects of Bacillus anthrax spores using short chain fatty acids in an effort to save soldiers’ lives and military equipment.  Kiley currently leads 366 cadets as a Cadet Battalion Commander and also serves as captain of the Women’s Lacrosse team. She aspires to study Global Health Science at Oxford before pursuing medical school.

Evan Szablowski grew up in Bakersfield, California and is currently majoring in mathematics. His areas of interest lie in Data Analytics and Mass Collaboration. Evan spent his childhood overseas on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. He continued his foreign travel while at West Point, spending a semester abroad in Ifrane, Morocco, and participating in academic trips to Ethiopia, the Czech Republic, and South Korea. At West Point he enjoys competing in the Sandhurst military competition, in which his team placed first overall in 2010.

Rotary International Global Grant Ambassadorial Scholarship (2013)

Adam Leemans, ranked first (academically, physically, and overall) among the senior class, currently serves as the Brigade Energy and Environmental Officer and captain of the West Point Triathlon Team. Adam is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and has conducted research on biomechanical energy harvesting and renewable energy. His current capstone project is redesigning deployable barracks to improve energy efficiency. He has participated in a foreign academy exchange with Kazakhstan and volunteered abroad with Engineers Without Borders.

Fullbright (2013)

Nathan Tindall, a native of California, is an environmental geography and Spanish major.  Nathan has previously served as a Cadet First Sergeant and now serves as a Regimental Environmental Officer. He is the top-ranked cadet in both of his majors, and also finds time as a leader of our nationally-ranked debate team and an active participant in SCUSA. Beyond the Academy, he was competitively selected as a Fellow at the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress, where he studies the Keystone XL pipeline.

East West (2013)

Duncan Aylor is a Chinese major who hails from Lakeside, Montana. During summer training CDT Aylor acted as a company counselor for incoming cadet training, attended Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) School at FT Bragg, NC, and participated in the FBI’s National Crisis Negotiation Course. Out of the various activities Duncan has participated in at West Point, he points to the West Point Negotiation Project as having had the biggest impact on his personal development. That, and a semester abroad in Beijing, China have inspired his desire to work in China-US relations to promote cooperation between our two countries.