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Due to the ongoing pandemic, SCUSA 72 has been cancelled for October 2020.  We are planning on hosting the next SCUSA in the fall of 2021 and will provide updates later this year.  Please contact Major Kyle Wolfley with any questions.

Class of 1971 Student Conference on US Affairs (SCUSA)

SCUSA is a four-day conference in which students work with scholars and practitioners to develop policy proposals that address important topics in US foreign policy.  SCUSA is one of the largest conferences of its type and is attended by approximately 200 undergraduate students from over 125 colleges and universities worldwide.  West Point has hosted SCUSA 71 times, with the first event held in 1949.  In addition to offering an opportunity to discuss complex issues of foreign policy, SCUSA provides a foundation for developing lasting civil-military relationships among future leaders in the military, government, and private sector.

SCUSA Panel members, 2019.
Venue for New Ideas:

Throughout the conference, the student delegates discuss and debate the impact of past and current events on the national strategy of the United States and work to formulate sound policy recommendations for the United States Government.




Unique Interaction with America’s Military:

While attending SCUSA, delegates get a unique glimpse into the daily life of the United States Corps of Cadets, future officers in the U.S. Army.  Delegates interact with cadets on their roundtables and with West Point’s staff and faculty throughout the conference.  They will be hosted by cadets in the barracks and dine in the cadet mess hall.

Round table discussions, SCUSA 2019.
Cadets and delegates participate in round-table discussions.

Mentorship Beyond the Classroom:

SCUSA draws experts from academia and public service to facilitate roundtable discussions and guide delegates in developing a series of policy recommendations for their particular region or topic.

Past Distinguished Keynote Speakers:

  • Secretary Henry Kissinger
  • Ambassador Madeleine Albright
  • Ambassador (later President) George H. W. Bush
  • Ambassador Susan Rice
  • His Excellency Boutros Boutros-Ghali

Recent SCUSA Themes:

2019: Advancing the National Interest: The Intersection of Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy 
2018: Cooperation Reimagined: American Influence in an Increasingly Complex World
2017: The Politics of the Forgotten and the Aggrieved: Remaking the World Order?
2016: Democracy and Democratization: Challenges and Opportunities
2015: Confronting Inequality: Wealth, Rights, and Power
2014: What’s the Worst that Could Happen? The Politics and Policy of Crisis Management

The keynote speaker, Ambassador Kay Bailey Hutchison, addresses SCUSA 2019.

Last Year's SCUSA

Click here to view last year's theme, tables, and policy papers created by the student delegates.