The 72nd Annual Class of 1971 SCUSA

November 3-6, 2021


Disruptive Technology and American Influence in the Coming Decade

The 72nd Annual Class of 1971 Student Conference on U.S. Affairs (SCUSA 72) will focus on “Disruptive Technology and American Influence in the Coming Decade.”  At the conference, delegates will evaluate these new and challenging technologies to better understand the future of American domestic and foreign policy.  SCUSA 72 delegates will collaborate to develop policy proposals for the U.S. government that address a dynamic, uncertain strategic environment.

As we enter a new decade, America faces opportunities and challenges generated by major technological innovations.  Advances in disruptive technologies — such as automation, artificial intelligence, robotics, and machine learning — promise to increase our ability to connect with others while addressing important threats to well-being such as disease and poverty.  However, these technologies can also have negative consequences for privacy, civil liberties, prosperity, and national security.  We have already seen large-scale compromises of personal data and the displacement of millions of workers.  Disruptive technologies will also influence changing trade and security relationships among major powers in the international system.  One of the great challenges for the United States is to find effective policy responses to this rapidly evolving environment.  Policymakers face a critical question:  How should the United States advance its interests and values in an era of turbulent technological change?


Theme Paper

Roundtable Topics & Background Papers

Student Delegate Policy Papers

Below are the published Student Delegate Policy Papers created by student delegates during SCUSA 72.