The 74th Annual Class of 1971 Student Conference on U.S. Affairs - SCUSA 74

November 1-4, 2023



The Student Conference on U.S. Affairs crest with "The Class of 1971 - Student Conference on U.S. Affairs" circling around Athena's helmet

Innovation and the Future of American Foreign Policy    

The 21st century continues to present obstacles to American leadership.  How can the United States innovate to tackle the pressing challenges of domestic and foreign policy? How will American institutions promote innovation to support democracy and economic development at home while bolstering American soft and hard power abroad?   How effectively will America’s international partners—and America’s competitors – employ emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, and renewable energy, to advance competing visions of the future?  Technology is not the only factor driving as well as facilitating innovation. Private sector entities, governmental departments and agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and multilateral institutions operate in demanding and dynamic political, social, and economic contexts.  Advancing American interests and values in a competitive global environment will require innovative organizations, approaches, and practices. The 15 roundtables of the Student Conference on U.S. Affairs (SCUSA 74) will discuss how innovation may occur and how the presence or absence of change will affect American values and interests in the coming decades.

SCUSA 74 Theme Paper

SCUSA 74 Brochure

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Student Delegate Policy Papers

SCUSA 74 roundtables produced the following policy recommendation memos:

Facing the Challenge of Climate Change

Authoritarian and Democratic Institutions Around the World

The Politics and Economics of Space

International Institutions and the Global Order

Tacking Human Distress Through Innovation

Ensuring National and Global Economic Growth Through Innovation

The Threat and Promise of Innovative Technologies

The Role of Innovation in US Military Affairs

Latin America (Central and South America)

Sub-Saharan Africa

Russia and Eurasia: Blunting Moscow's Invasion

China and the Pacific

Europe: Domestic Challenges and External Aggression

Middle East: Framing a Coherent Policy Towards Key Players

The Arctic: Managing the Scramble for Influence


Please email the SCUSA staff if you have any questions about the conference. Contact your school's political science department if you would like to register.

Once you register for the conference, you will be assigned a roundtable and Cadet Point of Contact (CPOC). Please coordinate with your roundtable CPOC for any specific questions.