Q: How do I attend SCUSA?
A: Contact your academic advisor at your college or university to discuss your interest in SCUSA.

Q: What is the registration fee & when is the payment due?
A: The registration fee is $180 ($200 after October 1st). Payment can be made by credit card. SCUSA points of contact will receive a link for the registration/payment site in late August. All payments must be made by October 22. Dates subject to change.

Q: How do I get to West Point for the conference?
A: Students pay for their own air or rail transportation. The SCUSA cadet staff will arrange ground transportation for delegates arriving at Newark, LaGuardia, and Stewart Airports, as well as Croton-Harmon Train Station. Delegates may also drive to West Point.

Q: Where will I stay?
A: Delegates will be housed in the cadet barracks at West Point.

Q: What if I am 27 years old or older during the conference?
A: Students who are 27 years old during the conference will not be accepted due to legal restrictions preventing us from housing students who are 27 or older on campus. No exceptions will be made for any reason.

Q: How do I prepare for SCUSA?
A: Delegates will be informed of their roundtable assignments after registering for the conference. Delegates should read the theme and roundtable papers provided on the SCUSA website and come prepared to discuss the key issues in their policy or regional area.

Q: What is the dress code?
A: Delegates should bring business casual wear for daytime use and casual dinners. They should also bring formal attire for the banquet. Weather in New York is breezy and cool in mid-fall; a warm winter coat is recommended.

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