The 71st Annual Class of 1971 SCUSA

October 30 - November 2, 2019


Theme: Advancing the National Interest: The Intersection of Domestic Politics and American Foreign Policy

The United States and its democratic allies and partners face important challenges to effective governance, as turbulent domestic politics constrain the ability of national leaders to develop effective policies—at home and abroad.  While globalization has improved the world’s overall standard of living, the benefits have been uneven.  Even within developed countries, some citizens have had their economic status threatened by international market forces, while others have come to perceive threats to valued aspects of their identity.  The resulting political divisions have made it more difficult for elected policy makers to make the compromises essential to effective governance.  To succeed in this environment, American policy makers will have to recognize and account for new political, economic, and social dynamics as they define and pursue the national interest.  At the 71st Student Conference on U.S. Affairs (SCUSA 71), “Advancing the National Interest: The Intersection of Domestic Politics and American Foreign Policy,” delegates will analyze multifaceted, thought-provoking challenges that affect the world we know today.  Working with colleagues from around the globe, SCUSA 71 delegates will tackle relevant problems and formulate feasible ways that the United States can convert present challenges into future opportunities.


Roundtable Topics

Western Hemisphere
Middle East and North Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa

Trade, Jobs, and Globalization
The Weaponization of Information
Foreign Policy in an Era of Domestic Political Polarization
Security in Cyberspace
Alliances and Multilateral Organizations
Migration and Refugees
Climate Change
Emerging Weapons Technology