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Housed in the Department of Social Sciences, the Scholarship Program mentors and develops cadets from across West Point.

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XH200: Ambition and Hubris

This 1.5 credit-hour course introduces select yearlings (sophomores) to the Graduate Scholarship Program through close study of a single text in a small seminar setting. Students consider the role of ambition in a good life, why the best-laid plans of ambitious individuals sometimes go horribly wrong, and how leaders in all fields of human endeavor can set goals that are both lofty and achievable, while responding properly to failure.

XH497: Critical Thought

Taken in the spring of cadets’ cow (junior) year, this 3 credit-hour course helps cadets align their interests and passions with the needs of the world to create substantial impact. Assignments include personal reflection and oral narrative, leadership development, sharing and role-playing exercises, incisive in-class discussions, and challenging readings.

XH407: Advanced Critical thought

Taken during the fall of cadets’ firstie (senior) year, this 1.5 credit-hour course prepares cadets to determine which scholarships to apply for and which programs of study to choose. Cadets also receive guidance in preparing their resumes and requesting letters of recommendation, composing compelling personal statements, and conducting engaging interviews.