Lab Mission:  

1) Aiding research efforts that address significant issues.

2) Building research collaborations and partnerships.

3) Amplifying the reach and visibility of faculty research.

4) Expanding opportunities for cadet research.

Recent Events


The Sosh Research Lab kicked off this semester by supporting a tailor-made book conference in support of Dr. Jason Warner and his co-authors’ manuscript on the Islamic State in Africa.

This fantastic event included resident experts from the Combating Terrorism Center, guest scholars from both the academic and policy realms, and multiple participants joining the conversation via teleconference. Working together over multiple sessions in Jefferson Hall, this impressive group offered critical insights on the book draft and helped the team of authors prepare their next steps for finishing the project.


Panelists discuss the emerging environment in the Indo-Pacific region at Senior Conference 55 in the Haig Room of Jefferson Hall.
Former Secretary of Defense Bob Gates addresses cadets in Robinson Auditorium.

Upcoming Events

The Sosh Research Lab has a full slate of activities planned for this semester. Stay tuned for the latest on salons with guest reviewers, departmental research presentations, and research workshops suited for in-progress work at various stages of development.

Faculty Researchers

The Sosh Research Lab provides venues for faculty to present their research to new audiences. Here, CPT Kyle Wolfley, an assistant professor of International Affairs, describes his research on military statecraft and multinational exercises to participants at Senior Conference.

CPT Kyle Wolfley presenting his research
West Point cadet presenting her research on retired flag officer endorsements to a retired flag officer.

Cadet Researchers

CDT Olivia Simon briefs AMB Doug Lute about her thesis project looking at the political behavior of retired flag officers. This work was part of a larger project that was recently published with MAJ Zach Griffiths in Armed Forces and Society ( 

Featured Contributions

The Army War College's Strategic Studies Institute recently published the conference monograph for last year's Senior Conference: "The Emerging Environment in the Indo-Pacific: Drivers, Directions, and Decisions."

Our People


The Lab Staff

          Co-Directors: LTC Heidi Demarest and Dr. Thom Sherlock

          Deputy Director: Dr. Scott Limbocker

          Fellows: MAJ George Fust and MAJ Tom Fox

The Lab Liaisons

          AP: LTC Demarest and Dr. Limbocker       

          IA: Dr. Sherlock and CPT Robinson       

          Econ: Dr. Smith and MAJ Stramara          

          CTC: Dr. Milton

          OEMA: LTC Crow

Contact Us:

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