Courses Linked to the West Point Writing Program

First Year Composition (FYC). All cadets begin with First Year Composition.

  • EN101/151: Composition

Writing-in-the-Core (WiC). Most cadets complete about five courses designated as Writing-in-the-Core, including courses in math and science as well as the humanities and social sciences.

  • HI105/HI155: History of the United States
  • HI108/HI158: Regional Studies in World History
  • CH102: General Chemistry II
  • PH202/PH252: Physics II
  • SP275: Space Physics
  • CH275: Biology
  • MA206/MA256: Probability and Statistics
  • PL300/PL350: Military Leadership
  • SS307/SS357: International Relations

Writing-in-the-Major (WiM). Writing-in-the-Major courses delve deeply into the study and practice of writing in specific disciplines. All cadets must complete the WiM course designated by the academic program in which they major.

  • CE401: Civil Engineering Professional Practice & Applications, Civil Engineering
  • CH459: Chemical Engineering Laboratory, Chemical Engineering
  • CH479: Methods & Applications of Biotechnology, Life Science 
  • CH487: Advanced Chemistry Lab, Chemistry
  • CS400: CS Professional Considerations, Computer Science, Cyber Science, Elec. & Info. Technology Systems
  • DS495: Research Methods for Strategic Studies, Defense and Strategic Studies
  • EE400: EE Professional Considerations, Electrical Engineering, Elec. & Info. Technology Systems
  • EM402: Engineering Management Design I, Engineering Management
  • EN300: Literary Methodologies, English
  • EV301: Env. Science for Engineers & Scientists, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science
  • EV367: Geographic Research Methods, Geography
  • EV477: Advanced Remote Sensing, Geospatial Information Science
  • HI498: Colloquium in History, History
  • KN470: Fitness Assessment & Prescription, Kinesiology
  • LN380: Nature of Modern Languages, Foreign Language
  • LN490: Language & Culture Capstone Seminar, Foreign Area Studies
  • LW495: Jurisprudence & Legal Theory, Law & Legal Studies
  • MA376: Applied Statistics, Applied Statistics & Data Science, Operations Research
  • MA383: Foundations of Mathematics, Mathematical Sciences
  • ME400: Mechanical Engineering Seminar, Mechanical Engineering
  • MG379: Leading Teams, Management
  • NE400: Nuclear Engineering Seminar, Nuclear Engineering
  • PH456: Science and Policy, Physics, Space Science
  • PL384: Sociological Theory, Sociology
  • PL462: Advanced Research Methods, Psychology
  • PL490: Engineering Psychology, Engineering Psychology
  • PY300: Philosophical Methods, Philosophy
  • SE402: Systems Design & Management I, Systems & Decision Sciences, Systems Engineering
  • SS376: American Political Development, Political Science: American Politics
  • SS395: International Security, International Affairs: Foreign Policy & Security Studies track
  • SS475: Comparative Political Institutions, International Affairs: Institutions, Governance, & Development track
  • SS477: Economics of National Security, Economics

Writing-in-the-Profession (WiP). All cadets complete both Writing-in-the-Profession courses. 

  • LW403: Constitutional & Military Law
  • MX400: Officership