Any cadet who is an exceptional communicator and who may pursue graduate study down the line, in any field, should consider the Writing Fellows Program. The Program is highly-selective: invitations to join are usually extended to around thirty cadet applicants per year. All applicants should demonstrate superior promise as writers and communicators, including high performance (usually grades in the A-range) in multiple writing-intensive courses.

Once admitted to the Program, Cadet Fellows take a two-course sequence in writing process and pedagogy. All Cadet Fellows engage in structured individual mentorships with experienced faculty members and regularly lead one-on-one peer consultations (and eventually group workshops) at the Mounger Writing Center. They also develop their own abilities as writers through high-level undergraduate research; Fellows often receive support for attendance at academic conferences and other forms of professional development, including the pursuit of publication.

Starting in AY24, cadets must be in their yearling year when they officially enter the Program (most apply as plebes) and able to complete the two-course sequence by the close of their cow year. Applications are solicited from qualified plebes in the spring of every academic year. However, cadets may also apply on a rolling basis for consideration in the next cycle.

To apply, cadets should email the Program with the following:

  1. Your class year & academic major(s). 
  2. The semester you’d like to enroll in WR303, and thereby join the Program (Note: WR303 is a 3.0 CH course offered E1 and F1, though it only meets for twenty lessons over the entire semester; all candidates invited to join the Program are expected to confirm their acceptance by scheduling both WR303 and WR313 on their 8TAP - the Program accords priority to cadets who project to compete the full course sequence). 
  3. The name of a USMA faculty reference (someone familiar with your writing and communication skills).
  4. A paragraph or two that explains why you're interested as well as any relevant experience.
  5. Two writing samples from different core courses, as submitted to instructors.



Any member of the USMA faculty who is teaching a course that has a significant writing component is eligible to become a "Faculty Mentor" in the Stokes Fellows Program. Faculty Mentors are paired with a Cadet Fellow enrolled in the Program's culminating seminar (WR313) for one semester. Mentorship usually entails about four hours of additional work over the whole term, and it is essential to broadening the development of Cadet Writing Fellows.

We seek enthusiastic, qualified mentors at every level of the USMA faculty and from any department. If you're interested in becoming a Faculty Mentor, please email us.