West Point Writing Program

The West Point Writing Program (WPWP) supports cadets, faculty, and staff in every discipline and department as they study writing and communication. By ensuring continuity and cohesion across the curriculum, the Program ensures that all graduates are thoughtful, clear, and effective communicators prepared to answer the various demands of their professional environments and succeed as Army officers. 


The cross-curricular Writing Program develops all cadets as writers and communicators throughout every discipline and department at the Academy. More than forty courses are linked to the WPWP. 

Cadets begin with courses in general composition and progressively study more diverse, discipline- and profession-specific forms of communication, completing Signature Writing Events (SWEs) in every WPWP-linked course. 

Faculty teaching courses linked to the WPWP can find resources and up-to-date information in curated Sharepoint repositories maintained by WPWP leadership.

Writing Fellows Program

Established in 2012, the Writing Fellows Program brings together cadets, faculty, and postgraduate scholars to research, experiment with, and ultimately contribute to high-level conversations about writing and communication.

Mounger Writing Center

Housed in USMA's library from its founding in 2013, the Mounger Writing Center sponsors one-on-one consultations, group workshops, and special events that support work on writing and communication projects for any academic course, personal interest, or professional opportunity.

News & Events

William (Billy) Mounger, class of '48, passed away on June 26, 2020. In recognition of his generous support and unqualified commitment to the development of more effective Cadet writers, the West Point Writing Center was renamed the William D. Mounger '48 Writing Center in October 2016.