West Point Writing Program Leadership


Dr. Jason Hoppe, Director
Dr. Colleen Eils, Associate Director
Dr. John Sampson, Postdoctoral Fellow
Ms. Wynn Klosky, Program Manager & Data Specialist
MAJ Murray Shugars, Reserve Instructor & Projects Officer

Executive Committee

Behavioral Sciences & Leadership

LTC Russell Lemler

Chemistry & Life Sciences

LTC Daniel Bahaghighat

English & Philosophy

Dr. Seth Herbst

Foreign Languages

Dr. Jeffrey Watson


Dr. David Gioe


LTC Lakeysia Harvin


LTC Kevin Cummiskey

Physics & Nuclear Engineering

COL David Phillips

Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic

LTC Ken Segelhorst

Social Sciences

LTC Michael Rosol

Engineering (at large)

COL Bret Van Poppel


Dr. Jason Hoppe

Vice Chair

Dr. Colleen Eils


The Executive Committee (EXCOM) of the WPWP promotes awareness of and accountability to the WPWP's mission and curricular requirements, participates in pertinent assessment, and provides counsel to WPWP leaders.