The West Point Writing Program sets, assesses, and supports curricular writing standards that advance USMA's study of composition in and across the disciplines, critical thinking, academic argument, writing pedagogy, and professional communication. Its mission includes:

  • cultivating institutional awareness of the writing process and effective writing practices
  • integrating the efforts of all academic departments and relevant support units 
  • preparing faculty as academic writers and teachers of writing, especially via the Writing Fellows Program
  • equipping Cadets with appropriate resources at every stage of their development, especially through the Mounger Writing Center
  • evaluating the progress and proficiency of all Cadets according to relevant Academic Program Goals

The overarching goal of the Writing Program is to provide Cadets with continuity and coherence in their education so that all graduates are agile, thoughtful, and clear communicators who are prepared to answer the various demands of their professional environments and to succeed as Army officers.

The Big Picture

The graphic below depicts the Writing Program’s impact on all Cadets and select faculty (top and left), including curricular requirements and linked courses (center), as well as its main sub-components, the Writing Fellows Program and Mounger Writing Center (bottom and right).

WPWP Curriculum The Big Picture