The Writing Center is a great place for all cadets to take their work. Period.

Just come in. No matter where you are in the writing process, whether you're just getting started with figuring out a prompt, analyzing a source, generating ideas, or outlining or whether you're revising as you make your final push. Regardless of whether you're a plebe or firstie, how confident you feel about your writing, whether you're struggling or excelling or somewhere in between.

We're here to talk with any cadet, about any piece of writing, at any stage of the process, and help you develop further as a thinker and writer.

But don't just take our word for it. Here's what cadets have had to say about their sessions and the Cadet Writing Fellows who have worked with them . . .

“[The Writing Fellow] thoroughly addressed all of my concerns, and I know exactly what I need to fix. MWC has been a huge aid through remote learning and I am very grateful to still have it as a resource.”

“Allowing me to think through my problem without directly giving me the answer helped me articulate my own original thoughts.”

“Having someone to talk to about how to go about the writing process for scientific writing helped dividends. It was a very useful way to ensure that I was going about conducting my research properly and how to find accurate and reputable sources. A great help in my efforts towards my assignment.”

“I came to MWC because I felt overwhelmed with my literature review. I was able to create a starting point and I feel much more confident. [The Writing Fellow] was very helpful in aiding me in my structure of the paper.”

“I liked how I was asked questions and not just told how to fix my writing. I was forced to think through what I was struggling with. Writing my ideas on a note pad in broad terms and then eventually working down the specific points helped a lot.”

“This was the most useful tutoring session/writing help I've ever received. The way [the Writing Fellow] helped me organize my paper will not only help me immensely on this paper, but so much on future papers!”

“[The Writing Fellow] helped me clarify my thoughts and discussed with me how to find the deeper meaning behind a difficult text.”

“My paper involves an extensive amount of research and information. [The Writing Fellow] was able to apply an outside perspective on my research. I left out certain facts that were common knowledge to me, which could leave the reader confused on certain aspects. She helped me organize my ideas, making my paper more fluid and understandable.”

“I have used the writing center many times and will continue to do so in the future. My Fellow was extremely helpful and helped me revise my paper.”

“This appointment has been the single greatest resource I have used to date to enhance my writing. Friendly, insightful, conversational, and overall helpful!”

“The writing fellows are very approachable.”

“This was a very pleasant experience.”

“Fantastic, do you have a frequent flyer card?”