The Writing Center is a great place for all cadets to take their work. Period.

Just come in. No matter where you are in the writing process, whether you're just getting started with figuring out a prompt, analyzing a source, generating ideas, or outlining or whether you're revising as you make your final push. Regardless of whether you're a plebe or firstie, how confident you feel about your writing, whether you're struggling or excelling or somewhere in between.

We're here to talk with any cadet, about any piece of writing, at any stage of the process, and help you develop further as a thinker and writer.

But don't just take our word for it. Here's what cadets have had to say about their sessions and the Cadet Writing Fellows who have worked with them . . .

"Everything I learned today was useful and helped me more in an hour than I have learned in two years here. I don't know what to change. It helped me so much."

"It was very productive. I liked how the session was a two-way conversation; I learned more about my writing style through our dialogue."

"CDT K did an excellent job facilitating my academic endeavors. He created an environment in which I felt that I was in a collaborative space where I could freely share my ideas. He provided good feedback that enabled me to pin the foundations for my essay."

"CDT P allowed me to find out the mistakes on my own rather than giving me the answer, this helped me to understand where I was making the mistakes. Constructing a better thesis and refining my argument was especially useful in improving my paper."

"We discussed a lot about how to write a college level essay and how to organize it in a way that is professional and unique. The most helpful was being able to bounce ideas off and talk about what I was thinking. Nothing could be better, it was very helpful."

"CDT P was extremely helpful in helping me understand the passages for an in-class essay. I did not know what the passages were asking me until she broke it down by each sentence. Then, I was able to relate the passages to my previous readings."

" believe having an individual with expertise in the field of literature read my essay, gave me input into what aspects of a whole I was missing. Content isn't necessary as important as the scope and mission of each paper within a course."

"I have no idea on what could have been done better. During the session I was helped [to] clarify what I was thinking and develop a structure to my essay that I was greatly lacking. It was extremely helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off of and organize what I was trying to write."