The Pedagogy

The Writing Program sets, assesses, and supports curricular and pedagogical standards pertaining to writing at West Point. These standards drive our study of the writing process and effective communication in every discipline. By building a more rigorous, cohesive learning environment, we encourage cadets to dedicate themselves to the perpetual craft and discipline that all effective writing, thinking, and speaking demand.

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The heart of the program lies in the curriculum and departments themselves: every academic department houses at least one, often three or four, of the more than forty courses linked to the WPWP. Eventually, cadets complete eight to ten such courses over their four years at the Academy. Much as counterparts at other colleges, these courses observe according to their roles in the program specific curricular standards, which at West Point dictate small class sizes and manageable faculty grading loads, the treatment of writing itself as a topic and practice in classroom instruction, and where possible, the inclusion of writing assignments that encourage a full compositional process, so writers may draft their work iteratively and revise it in response to feedback from multiple perspectives.