The Writing Fellows Program

Cadet Writing Fellow Braggs presents a writing workshop

Writing Fellows Program AIAD to CIA


Established in 2012, the Writing Fellows Program supports cadets and faculty as they research, experiment with, and ultimately contribute to high-level conversations about writing and communication. Our mission is to explore how all of us can perform more imaginatively and effectively as scholars, teachers, and professionals across the disciplines.

All Cadets invited to enroll in this highly-selective Program demonstrate superior promise as writers and communicators. Faculty leaders in the Program support their development as scholars and teachers as they complete academic courses, staff the Mounger Writing Center, attend and present at conferences in the field, as well as pursue independent studies and personal writing projects.

Interdisciplinary from its start, with affiliated Cadets now majoring in almost every USMA department, the Writing Fellows Program was aligned under the larger West Point Writing Program in 2016.