Stokes Fellows Program

The Stokes Fellows Program (established 2012, endowed 2023) supports cadets and faculty as they research, experiment with, and ultimately contribute to high-level conversations about writing, communication, and critical inquiry. Our mission is to explore how all of us can perform more imaginatively and effectively as scholars, teachers, and professionals across the disciplines.

All cadets invited to enroll in this highly selective Program demonstrate superior promise as writers and communicators and access an array of interdisciplinary opportunities. Faculty leaders in the Program support their development as scholars and teachers as they complete academic courses, staff the Mounger Writing Center, attend and present at conferences in the field, as well as pursue independent studies and personal writing projects. Interdisciplinary from its start, with affiliated cadets now majoring in almost every USMA department, the Stokes Fellows Program was aligned under the larger West Point Writing Program in 2016. The Program (formerly Writing Fellows Program) was renamed the Stokes Fellows Program in 2023 to honor MG John H. Stokes, Jr., class of 1918.

Fully supported by the Program’s faculty leaders, more than fifty Cadet Fellows have presented original scholarship at juried conferences since 2012. In recent years, they have also earned prestigious forms of postgraduate recognition, including the Rhodes Scholarship, Marshall Scholarship, Lincoln Laboratory Fellowship, Anna Sobol Levy Fellowship, and Schwarzman Scholarship. Cadet Fellows have received direct admission to medical school as well as graduate study in the sciences and engineering at Harvard and MIT. All Fellows gain extraordinary skills in writing and communication that enhance their critical thinking and prepare them to excel in their chosen field.


Through rigorous coursework and close faculty mentorship, cadets selected as Stokes Fellows develop themselves and their peers as thoughtful, effective communicators, growing as scholars, teachers, and leaders.

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Stokes Fellows take a rigorous, two-semester course sequence that immerses them in the theories and practices of writing, communication, and critical inquiry.

As practicum for these courses (WR303: Writing Process & Pedagogy and WR313: Advanced Writing Pedagogy), Cadet Fellows staff the Mounger Writing Center. Those who distinguish themselves in the course sequence are invited to become Senior Fellows.


Cadet Fellows present original scholarship at juried regional and national conferences, including annual conferences hosted by the International Writing Center Association, the New England Writing Center Association, and the Mid-Atlantic Writing Center Association, and the Conference on the Teaching of Writing hosted by the University of Connecticut.


The Stokes Fellows Program sponsors guest speakers, workshops, trips, and other enrichment experiences, including the annual, flagship "Writing Today" residential study of professional writing in Washington, DC - all with the aim of helping cadets and faculty become stronger, more effective communicators.

Cadet Fellows put theory into action with hands-on experience in the Academy’s Mounger Writing Center. Through one-on-one consultations with peers, Fellows sharpen their skills and practice the incisive, yet empathetic leadership that close attention to others’ work requires.