Scholarship in the Writing Fellows Program

Cadets in the Stokes Fellows Program don’t just lead Mounger Writing Center (MWC) workshops and appointments for their peers. They also gain access to unique opportunities for research and professional development that accelerate their own growth as scholars and communicators. That means things like:

  • Presenting original work at competitive scholarly conferences. In recent years, Fellows have participated in annual conferences sponsored by the International Writing Centers Association, National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing, Northeast Writing Centers Association, University of Connecticut, and others.
  • Authoring online writing guides that reach cadets and students around the globe. Guides that Advanced Fellows produce on the writing process build on their experiences as writers to educate others—a valuable step toward the possibility of pursuing graduate study in any field.
  • Working toward scholarly or personal publication projects. Faculty leaders in the Program offer intensive support to Fellows with various publication projects, including academic and civic writing as well as creative nonfiction.
  • Partnering with real-world professionals. Fellows regularly talk with professionals during on-post colloquia, visits to other colleges, or our “Writing Today” summer internship. Recently, we have partnered with writers and teachers at Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, Rutgers, George Mason, Vassar, Harvard, Baruch College, NPR, CNN, the Smithsonian, the White House, the Pentagon, the CIA, Congress, the Frameworks Institute, and Veterans Writing Project, among others.

The bottom line: as scholars, Fellows learn to communicate insightfully and effectively across all channels, preparing themselves to excel as officers and citizens.